Summertime In The LBC

I’ve been dreaming about the beach for months now despite the number of typhoons that hit the Philippines. Every time I see the beautiful sunrise and the lovely sunshine where I’m obliged to wear my donya shades, I can’t help but long for the beach. I wanna get a tan, sip on some cocktails and just be lazy. This outfit is dedicated to my long overdue beach trip.

Summertime in Lower Bicutan City lang ang peg! LOL

No more captions galore, gets nyo na to! ;)


SummerTimeInTheLBC2Deadmabells with the passersby! Heehee.

SummerTimeInTheLBC6Donya shades. Every woman should own one. For those times when you’re too lazy to do eye mook ap or when the sun is so tirik! ;)


SummerTimeInTheLBC3Florals always remind me of summer.



Blue tank top: Cotton On

Floral full skirt: H&M

Tan gladiator sanadals: Guess

Nail polish: Orly Naughty

Shades: YSL

Definitely bitching about the beaches. Take me away!

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  • jackiego

    I wish it were but no, effort to curl by the make up artist heehee

  • jackiego

    Lakas talaga maka-donya kahit far from being donya!

  • jackiego

    Hi Phoebi! Awww thank you so much :D