Steveston Pizza Is Now In Manila

Pizza has always been one my favorite food. Its something I can practically eat whenever I’m too lazy or caught up with work that I couldn’t cook. So when Tin arranged lunch to meet Karen, part-owner of Steveston Pizza in their almost newly opened flagship store, I just had to go. Kebs na kahit medyo far, far, away ng slight, I seldom go to Quezon City na kasi but for a delicious food, why not choc nut?!


Steveston Pizza is originally from Canada and has won various pizza awards. The decision of bringing in this pizza restaurant sprouted from a vacation in Vancouver, where Karen got to know the brand. Lucky for us, we need not to go all the way to Canada just so we could experience the award-winning pizzas of Steveston.


What amazed me the most is how extensively unique their menu is. They have a total of 28 pizza flavours! NKKLK! Apart from their regular flavoured pizza, they also offer premium gourmet pizzas which really caught my attention.

Steveston pizzas are categorized by the type of toppings used: classic, journeys, elements, colours, margarita tree and  “C” pizzas (premium ones). Aside from their specialty pizzas, they also offer salads and chicken wings.









Steveston Pizza only uses biodegradable products for they utensils. Although, I prefer eating pizza with my bare hands, love that they’re considerate in helping the environment.
StevestonPizza3Iced Tea at 45 php

Warning: food porn ahead.

StevestonPizza4Flying Caesar at 195 php.

This is not your ordinary Caesar salad. The chicken boast a lemony paprika flavor which makes it interestingly good.
StevestonPizza5Classic Caesar 175 php
StevestonPizza6Angel’s Chicken Wings are at 180 php for 6 pcs. They’re oven baked so you won’t feel guilty having a few servings. This is the sweet flavoured one.

StevestonPizza7Angel’s Chicken Wings in spicy flavor is at 300 php for 12 pcs but they also have dark flavour (teriyaki). You can ask for an assortment if you want to try all three flavours.

Now for some pizzas!

StevestonPizza8The Classic Cheese at 399 php.
StevestonPizza9One of Steveston’s “C” pizzas which is at 1,299 php. This C2 pizza has a generous amount of prosciutto ham, brie, semi-dried roma tomatoes and a dollop of roasted garlic mousse. OMG. So delicious!StevestonPizza11Because Karen figured we couldn’t finish a pan per flavour, she had to prepare some of the flavours by halves so we can try their specialties. Here’s the Green & Pink pizzas. The Green pizza in the forefront of the photo, is made up of herb pesto butter, shrimp, brie and scallions while the Pink pizza is made of smoked salmon, asparagus, bocconcini, onion with pesto drizzle. Both are delicious and are at 699 php per pan.

StevestonPizza10Another pair of pizzas from Steveston’s Colours category. Here we have Black and Blue. Blue being in the forefront, is made of rosemary-smoked bacon, caramelised onion, mushrooms, baby spinach, stilton blue cheese mousse while Black is made of honey-glazed chicken breast, fig gorgonzola and mascarpone mousse, walnuts, and arugula julienne. Both also at 699 php per pan.

StevestonPizza12Look at lil’ Mr. GJG helping himself a slice.
StevestonPizza13Here’s my sampler plate which is actually my second plate! My favourites would have to be the “C” pizza C2, Black and Pink pizzas. I love them a lot because they’re uniquely delicious and definitely a palette stimulator. You know how it is when you eat a slice of pizza with your hand and notice how there’s much grease? I’m surprised that Steveston isn’t greasy at all! When you dine you can check it out yourself. I was truly impressed I’m not bothered giving a slice to my gwapito! Oh, and they always use the freshest ingredients & make their dough from scratch daily! Winneeeer. Who says gourmet pizzas are expensive? Steveston Pizza has just proven that wrong.

A pan of pizza has about 12 slices (maybe you can ask to have it cut into squares instead of triangles) and can feed at least 6 people (given each get two slices). Prepare to shell out at least 500 php per person as you can share two pan pizza and chicken wings. If you’re far from the area, don’t fret as Steveston will soon offer delivery via City Delivery.

The SoMoms all smiles with Karen (the one behind Tin) after a hearty lunch. Photo grabbed from Tin Dychiao.

Thank you Karen of Steveston Pizza for having us! Now I know where to get gourmet pizzas that are reasonably priced, can’t wait to bring my entire family!

Visit Steveston Pizza at UP Town Center, Katipunan Avenue, Diliman, Quezon City.

(02) 9552273 or 0917-9043428

They also have a branch at 186 Tomas Morato cor. Scout De Guia, Quezon City

(02) 9219898

Like Steveston Pizza on Facebook and follow them on Instagram.

 Go ahead, indulge over the weekend and head on over to Steveston Pizza! 🙂




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    We tried it last year and I super like their pizzas. Mejo pricey BUT hindi tinipid yung toppings. Love the taste of their Japanese pizza! 🙂 Good thing, its nearby! 🙂

    See you around Jackie!! 🙂 Hugs to the little ones! 🙂

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