The Sheerness Of You

Here’s my growing belly at 32 weeks.

Sadly my jeans no longer fit me! 🙁 I truly feel fat! Come to think of it, most of my jeans are slim fit so I guess that’s good enough reason they don’t fit anymore. I’m all leggings and dresses for my the final stretch of my pregnancy, I don’t mind though.

Yes, my addiction is shopping on Ebay! I hardly buy clothes in the malls na mainly because Ebay offers good items that are affordable, most of the time cheaper and are one of a kind. Did I mention they’re branded too? Well not that it matters to me but at least you know quality is there despite it being second hand, store display or even an overrun.

After a year, I was able to wear this charm bracelet with a locket. It was hidden along a pile of accessories I have. I managed to organize my accessories and let me tell you, I have some that I haven’t even worn.


Sheer baby doll top: Banana Republic

Black leggings: Zara

Animal print sandals: Schu

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