Safe Alternatives To Fireworks

Fireworks are as mandatory as lights and sounds to bring holiday cheer to everyone especially during Christmas and New Year. My kids and I are such fans of it. Seeing the night sky lit up with colorful and beautiful fireworks makes each moment watching it with my children more memorable.

While fireworks bring color to our night, we’re not one who would light up our own for New Year’s Eve countdown. For one, my kids and I get asthma attack from the smoke it brings. Still, we want to welcome the new year with a bang. So we’ve rounded up a few safe alternatives to fireworks which can equally create loud noise.


The classic “torotot” that one can easily get at department stores, or side-street vendor. You can even make one for yourself! The trumpet like noise making thing comes in various shapes and sizes perfect for kids to blow to make some serious noise!


Another common item you can use to make noise. Like a hornpipe, it only makes one distinct sound but hey, if it’s loud then it’s good.

Boxes and Cartons

Gather all your children’s toy boxes and your shoe boxes. Round them up and use a hanger or hair brush and pound them to your liking.

Pots and Pans

Another practical way to make noise can be found in one’s kitchen. Beat pots and pans with wooden spoons or steel whisk and you’ve got yourself an instant musical instrument.

Recycled Plastic Bottles

My children’s favorite DIY noise maker. Use empty bottles of Wilkins Distilled Water and fill it halfway with macaroni noodles or pebbles. Since I make sure my family only drinks Wilkins Distilled water to ensure my family’s safety, we have empty bottles available in the house for my children’s disposal. We got the idea of recycling the bottles as noise makers from my son’s school. It’s an instant maracas which my kids love using.


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