Royal Restore: Chanel Medium Flap

I scored a lovely Chanel bag for a reasonable price. Despite it’s preloved condition, I didn’t think twice– I knew I had to have it–and just bought it. I was confident that the minor flaws of the bag can be addressed by Royal Restore.


This hot pink Chanel used to be in white. The previous owner had it coloured because she can’t keep the white immaculately clean. But the thing is she left the interior of the bag white. Aside from the color, there were minor scuffs at the bottom of the bag. Apart from these conditions the bag is in good pre-loved condition. The gold hardware has not oxidised & has maintained its shine and the lambskin leather is still lovely. From this photo the exterior of the bag looks flawless but the interior is another story. I wasn’t able to take detailed pictures of the bag ‘coz I was too excited to bring it immediately to Royal Restore & have it recoloured.


This isn’t my first experience with Royal Restore, in fact I’ve written about them HERE. But since this is my second time getting their service and doing a recolour, I want to write about it again to share my experience.

Did you know that you can have your bags checked for free? They can give you an estimate of what needs to be repaired or restored & give you a quotation of how much it would cost– no pressure having it repaired to them, really they’d be happy to check your bag first.

After I filled out a form, I was asked what my concerns were. While the staff of Royal Restore inspect the bag, she gave me tons of swatches to look at since I mentioned I wanna recolour it.

If I had more than one bag to have recoloured, I would go for different colors for each one! They have it in almost every hue!

But since I want my first and probably my last Chanel to last a lifetime, I decided to go with the classic black.


Last look at this hot pink pretty before it turns dark, chic & classic.

The usual timeline for a restoration/recolour is about a month. But it took two months for me to get my bag because they had to send swatches for my approval, since I’m very particular with the color for the interior. Also, I had to return the bag since there were certain areas that weren’t colored enough in black that gave away a hint of pink, visible to the trained eye–meticulous people like me– to see. They happily took it back to recolour some areas.

But the long wait was worth it. Look at how lovely my Chanel is.

Looks good as new! They even polished the hardware.RoyalRestore_ChanelRestoration_JackieGo12

And they got the color of the interior right.RoyalRestore_ChanelRestoration_JackieGo13


I know I can be careless with my bags but I promise to make a conscious effort to take really good care of them. Thankfully, Royal Restore shares a few tips on how I can do just that.


Crossed out another bag on my wishlist!


Thanks Royal Restore for breathing new life to my Chanel! 🙂

If you don’t have time to drop your bag at any Royal Restore store, you can just click, ship & relax.


Sending your luxury shoes and bags for restoration is now more convenient.
1. Take photos of your item and email those to [email protected] with subject FOR RR RESTORATION: LAST NAME, FIRST NAME with a brief description of the item and service request.
Royal Restore consultant will attend to your concern
• Provide you free consultation
• Give you an initial quote of the restoration fee
• Discuss to you our guidelines

2. Once you have decided, send your item thru any courier to:
Royal Restore Workshop,
Banner St. cor. Danny Floro St.
Bagong Ilog Pasig City 1600

3. Deposit your full payment at any Banco de Oro branch
Account Name:
Royal Restore Designer Repair & Restoration Specialist
Account No.:

4. Send us the courier’s tracking number and a photo of your deposit slip.
Once we have received your item, our Royal Restore consultant
will call you for confirmation and to discuss to you details of
the restoration.

Royal Restore offers leather cleaning, leather conditioning, color restoration, water & stain proofing, heel & sole restoration, disinfecting, metal cleaning & metal polishing.



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