Review: Epoch Essential Oils And Mini Mist

When I became a mom, I found happiness in essential oils. The relaxing effect it brings is always welcoming and I find it hard to resist–always having an excuse to get a bottle or two just because they smell good.

Oil diffusers are what I am used to and I turn to it on days when I needed to de-stress or just want to end my day in a relaxing way. I know someone who uses essential oils and rub it on her hand & apply it to her temples, but as what she said not all essential oils are topical ready. With this in mind, I stick to what I know & use essential oils–through a burner or through a reed–to keep our room fragrant. But on days when I’m out and about, I wish I could bring the relaxing fragrant along with me, especially now that traffic is even more insane.

Thankfully, I discovered Epoch Essential Oils.


A handy dandy way to use essential oils, through this Epoch Mini Mist.

Watch the instructional video below:


The Epoch Mini Mist Diffuser is the perfect way to share and enjoy Epoch Essential Oils while on the go. The Mini Mist’s ultrasonic technology vibrates to vaporize water and essential oil into a fine mist.

This Epoch Mini Mist Diffuser is just the size of my palm. I would’ve mistaken it for a flashlight or something, all thanks to its sleek design.


The kit that I got came with two essential oils–lavender and brisk–and topical blending oil that lets me use the essential oils for my skin.


Epoch Mini Mist Diffuser requires four AAA batteries. I filled the mixing bottle with 50 ml distilled water and added a drop or two of Epoch Lavender Oil.


I then unplugged the reservoir cover and filled it with my oil & water mixture.


Immediately, it was ready to use. The ultrasonic disc also serves as a power indicator. It will light up once you slide down the front panel.


It works by holding it vertically and sliding down the front panel. You’ll see it light up and release mist instantly. I got about 10 mist cycle which lasts for 30 seconds each before I had to refill the reservoir.

Some tips & things to remember when using Epoch Mini Mist Diffuser

Shake the diffuser several times before using. Air from the reservoir and ultrasonic disc will prevent the diffuser from producing mist. Lightly shaking the device up and down will remove the air.

Periodically shake the mist if used continuously. This is to keep the mist going at full strength.

Do not use citrus based oils in the mini mist diffusers. Citrus oils may breakdown sensitive diffuser components.

Check the reservoir from time to time. Since I’ve used my mini mist diffuser continuously, I had to check if there was still enough water in the reservoir for it to work. It won’t give off enough mist if there isn’t enough water on the reservoir so be sure to check it from time to time to see if it needs a refill.

Clean with dry cotton swab. To remove oil residues on the ultrasonic plate, swabbing it off with dry cotton swab will do the trick. I do this every day after I use it to avoid clogging the disc and to keep it clean.

I like how easy it is to use but I wish it had a bigger reservoir so that I don’t have to keep on refilling it especially since I use it continuously. I like how each mist cycle lasts for 30 seconds but every now and then I had to shake it up and down for it to provide a stronger blow of mist–I notice there would be drops of water whenever I do this.  I don’t know if the battery life is a factor or the the continuos use, I hope this can be improved.


Overall, I like it because it’s a handy dandy tool that I can bring around with me especially when I accompany Lil’ Ms. JG to her gymnastics training. Their club is oftentimes hot and humid and using it had greatly helped me combat onset headache or at the very least made me feel refreshed. She sometimes ask if she can borrow it from me–saying it’s very similar to her favorite facial mist (Evian or Avene) except that it has a relaxing scent.



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