Ready, Regetta, Go!

The thing about boys is that they have no qualms when it comes to getting ready. Aren’t all boys the same? My husband can shower and get dress faster than I can finish a glass of water, (well I don’t like drinking water to begin with so that takes a while heehee) same goes for my son. But when it comes to shoes my lil’ Mr. JG takes a few minutes to pick what pair to wear.


While he can get dressed quickly this lil’ guy likes to take his sweet time picking out what pair to wear all because he wants to make sure his shoes are not only cute but comfy as well.


His current favorite pair? This Regetta Canoe shoes.


I bet you can’t tell what his favorite color is? Heehee

“I like that my feet are not ouchy when I wear this shoes.” This was his observation the first time he wore it.

REGETTA CANOE was born in Japan. RE- back/again to GETTA- ‘geta’, a traidionatl Japanese clog; a symbol of Japanese culture and CANOE- the spirit that dares to take the challenge with well thought planning.

According to my 4 year old he likes that it’s bouncy when walks.

The clog-like shoes provide balanced walking and proper posture. It has impact absorption that leads to reduction of knee and hip pressure. It also has toe and heel guard plus arch support that improves blood circulation making walking more comfortable.

This Chibi Kayak/Kayaki pair retails for Php 1,990.

I suggest go one size up so your son/daughter can use it for a long time especially if he/she wears school shoes (para di makaliitan agad). Juro has small feet but I got him a size bigger & thankfully he manages to walk naman with his pair even if it’s a bit loose.

This little boy stands with right posture even more with his Regetta Canoe shoe. It massages his YongQuan point (pressure point of the middle of his sole) which stimulates Human Growth Hormone–all the more his dad wants him to wear this shoe, LOL!

Aside from him loving his Regetta Canoe pair, here he’s also seen showcasing one of his favorite poses–Mr. Pogi! Heehee

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Regetta Canoe is available at all Res Toe Run stores.


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