Praying For A Better Philippines: #Halalan2016

#Halalan2016 is the most controversial & passion-driven election in the Philippines by far. Netizens freely express their thoughts & opinions about their candidates as well as their reasons why they’re not voting for the other. I do have my opinion about politics but truth be told, it’s not as heated nor as passionate as those I see on my Facebook timeline. Why? Well, for one I am not a registered voter (I know, I suck at being a citizen–hopefully, I can vote next election) and two while I do have my preference, I believe that whoever will win today will help make our country better.

I didn’t plan on writing about politics particularly this election (see reason above, read: not a voter). But the video my lil’ Ms. JG along with other kids over at Better Me PH are about this year’s election. The cute videos are entertaining to watch and they actually made me think of the future of my beloved country.



For these kids, a leader should be honest, smart, nice and knows how to listen.

How very basic these traits are yet crucial in leading a nation to be better. I think a good leader is like a shepherd. He or she has the ability (not power) to guide his or her flock of sheep. And that he or she is not feared but rather, respected.


I believe we all want one thing, pagbabago (change). If there’s one thing that’s constant and forever, it is change. It happens every single day to everyone. We grow, we learn, we adapt, we change. This is just how the world works. I know you all believe that your chosen President will bring about change. I believe in what you believe. And I have high hopes for change.


A few months ago I remember I saw in an elevator of a building a bulletin that says “Have the courtesy to not throw your trash anywhere in the building”. A few weeks ago, I saw at the corner of a street a sign that says “Bawal Magtapon ng Basura Dito” which means “don’t throw trash here”. And just a few days, as I was stuck in traffic, I saw a sign that clearly says “No loading and unloading”. Unfortunately, bits and pieces of trash are scattered around the building (I even saw a piece of paper in the elevator), a hill of trash is on the spot right above the sign that clearly says no littering and public utility vehicles were stopping to those who are in line waiting at the no loading/unloading zone. Notice a pattern?


It’s easy to complain and see the faults. It’s also easy to give our hope to a single person– it sometimes is the only thing that makes us believe. Of course it’s a huge factor to choose the best leader we can have but it’s just half of what it takes to be a better nation. We must be the change we want to happen. We can’t just blame it on the government alone. Sure they can sometimes (well, oftentimes pa nga e) disappoint us. But if we can prove to them that we don’t want mediocre service (hello MRT line that stretches more than a few miles!) and truly love our country (no to degrading our fellow Filipinos, no to crab mentality and such crap), they would see how much worthy we are of a better Philippines. We must start the change ourselves. Di ba?

“Walang mababago kung walang magbabago.” No change if nothing will change. I’ve heard this line a few times during election campaign. How very true right?


I guess I care for a better Philippines because I am a mom. And I don’t want my children to live in a country that thrives on “bahala na or pwede na” (don’t know or this will do) mentality. We have so much potential and we have so much to offer. If there’s one thing we can do aside from vote for who we think will bring our country to greater heights, it is to do better. It starts with respect. If we can give it to our country and to our fellowmen, then it’s a good start.  If there’s respect, there’s better chance we can see the value of discipline. If there’s discipline there is order and if there’s order there is progress. Di ba?



photo source: Better Me PH

Regardless of who wins, what will you specifically do to make the Philippines a better place for our children?

I’ll show my children how respect and following simple rules can make a big difference. How focusing on being a better person is crucial to build a better nation. And this I will lead by example (I will start by registering for the next election). If all parents can do this, the future of our country will be brighter and there is hope for a better Philippines.

More about what other moms would specifically do to make the Philippines a better place for their children HERE.

Today is the day that determines the fate of the Philippines. Since I have no President, I just pray that whoever will win will be the instrument of change we are all hoping for and believing in. I hope and believe that the new President will unite us and will lead the Philippines to be a better nation. After all, a true great leader should inspire everyone to be the best version of themselves. To better Philippines, better me. Good luck to all the candidates. Good luck, Pilipinas!


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