A Moment Of Calm With Prana And Regetta Canoe

Eco-fashion has not only become a trend but more of a lifestyle for some. To be honest, I was lukewarm about it. Fashion, as long as it looks good and makes me feel good is all that matters to me. But knowing how slowly our earth is showing telltale global warming indications and other alarming signs of how mankind has come way too far in making our world a less sustainable place for our kids, grandkids and their future kids made me realize that we should all be involved in taking steps to better care for our environment.

So I’m starting off with eco-fashion. Workout clothes have become my weakness. It has slowly been dominating my closet–from tank tops, to dry-fit tops and to my favorite, leggings. So when prAna and Regatta Canoe invited to an afternoon of sun salutation at my favorite Pilates studio, I immediately said yes.


prAna which is Sanskrit for breath, life and vitality of the spirit–was conceptualised by Beaver Theodorakis and his wife, Pam in 1992 as a company that produces sustainable and authentic athleisure-casual wear. With sustainability as its core principle, all products by prAna are made using fewer toxins and chemicals such as natural fibres, organic cotton, and recycled materials.

Quick trivia: the first few prAna pieces were sewn all by the founders of prAna & Bluesign technologies– an emerging standard that ensures environmental health and safety in textile production– labeled using homemade recycled paper, and initially shipped in fruit boxes they got from their local grocery store.

Among prAna’s yoga and surf-inspired products include stylish tops, tank tops, and bra tops, sweater and hoodies, dresses, and skirts, swimwear, and pants for the ladies; while the menswear line offers casual performance shirts and shorts this season, which will be exclusively available in Aura Athletica–all of which are designed without losing functionality and fashion.



Yasuo Takamoto, who dreamed of using modern shoemaking techniques to re-interpret the beauty of the geta, a traditional Japanese clog, founded Regatta Canoe in 2005. With “Re” meaning back/again to, “Getta” which is a stylised take on geta, and “Canoe”, which represents the spirit that dares to take the challenge with well-thought planning, Regatta Canoe takes reinterpretation to a whole new level as it launches a range of ultra-modern vegan footwear that features a handful of impressive qualities.



These key design elements include–patented ergonomic insoles and outsoles, Regettacell Technology, and the Sandwich-Sole=Structure- all of which aim to provide balance and comfort for its wearers. Each footwear undergoes cruelty-free and animal-free product design and production–contributing greatly to the reduction of animal suffering and environmental pollution. Regatta Canoe products includes footwear for men, women, and kids that promise balance walking and proper poster, impact absorption for short or long walks, arch support that improves blood circulation, toe and heel guard, and a 100% vegan product.

prAna & Regatta Canoe partnered with One Life Studio to showcase their products to their guests through a yoga glass which focused on balance so as to reflect the modern society’s need to assess their individual wellbeing and priorities.


Teacher Joella & Teacher Therry were very helpful in guiding us through each pose.


Mindfulness was my take away from the yoga-centered event of prAna & Regatta Canoe. Tomato lifestyle choices as well as being open for positive change.


Though I am not a fan of yoga, I’ve slowly come around to like it. It can be very challenging to get the poses right but once you get the hang of it–breathe and let go–you realize it can be done.PranaRegettaCanoe_JackieGo_16

For someone whose mind is filled with so many thoughts it’s very refreshing to be still & just breathe.


Thank you again #prAnaXregattacanoe for having us! One of the most fun & relaxing yoga classes I’ve ever attended!


prAna is available at Aura Athletic and select GRIND and R.O.X. stores. Regatta Canoe is available at select Res Toe Run stores nationwide. Both are exclusively distributed by Primer Group of Companies.


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