Poser Alert! Cindy Tong & Sorina Vanessa Markova

The Internet can really make life easier noh? Almost everything now is instant. Information in particular. But sometimes, the Internet is also being used to deceive people, to scam and to hurt them. This is a harsh reality that many of us don’t really know or at least don’t entertain the idea. Sadly, I am one of the victims of people using my photos and pretending to be someone else, using also a different name. I’ve been alerted many times by my friends about it. Thankfully, they’ve already reported the page. Although, I cannot view it because the person behind it blocked me. Apparently, I guess he/she knows I’d soon find out. Clever.

I honestly don’t know what exactly it is that they want to achieve from doing this (get attention, get boys, get money?!) I don’t even want to understand that other people can actually sleep soundly at night and do something bad to hurt others. Haaaay. Sad reality I guess.

I’m nowhere near being considered a celebrity so it is super difficult for me to disseminate information telling everyone that such account does not belong to me. Buti pa mga artista, easier for them to confirm nor deny if they have indeed multiple accounts noh? Eh sa mga hamak na mamayan na biktima gaya ko, anong laban ko?! Waaaaah. Waley. πŸ™

Anyway, I’m writing this post to warn those who don’t really know me and would encounter my photos under a different name on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or other social media sites that it is definitely not me. I only have one Facebook account and I’ve removed the subscribe option because I wanted it to be private for my family’s sake. I do have a Facebook page though that I update with my Twitter and Instagram feeds and that is publicly visible. The Facebook profile that goes by the name CINDY TONG is NOT ME!

I’ve learned from my agency that a client wanted to book me for a print ad. Later on, the client found out that the person he was chatting siguro on Facebook pretending to be me isn’t really me. I can only assume the poser gave a few promises to the client (whatever it is, oh God I don’t wanna know!) He even alerted my agency, telling them that there is indeed someone out there posing as CINDY TONG with all my past photos (2010- 2012 photos to be exact). Haaaay, this prompted me to write about this. The client even said that he also know a couple more people who also got scammed through the Facebook account.

My advice: Please don’t chat with people you don’t know! And if it’s too good to be true then it just is! Also, if there’s money involve then you should report it right away. I am in no way involved with any other Facebook account except of my own which is JACKIE GO.

For now, I am humbly asking you all to please report this person using my photos. The link is www.facebook.com/cindy.tong.395. I know its no longer visible, but just incase you see the profile, I’m hoping you’d report please? πŸ™‚

Here are two screen-cap photos my friend Karl sent me.

poseralert1 Poseralert


As of February 2014, this profile is still active. My friend Teepee sent this to me.

PoserUgh. She updated the photos! Please report this profile by searching CINDY TONG on Facebook. I cannot search the profile as I am blocked from viewing it.

UPDATE: As of June 2014, a few of my friends again alerted me that this person is still using her active poser Facebook page.

Cindy_Tong_Is_A_Poser_This_Is_Jackie_Go Cindy_Tong_Is_An_Imposter_Using_Jackie_Go_Photos_2 Cindy_Tong_Is_An_Imposter_Using_Jackie_Go_Photos_3 Cindy_Tong_Is_An_Imposter_Using_Jackie_Go_Photos_4 Cindy_Tong_Is_An_Imposter_Using_Jackie_Go_Photos_5 Cindy_Tong_Is_An_Imposter_Using_Jackie_Go_Photos_6 Cindy_Tong_Is_An_Imposter_Using_Jackie_Go_Photos_7 Cindy_Tong_Is_An_Imposter_Using_Jackie_Go_Photos_8 Cindy_Tong_Is_An_Imposter_Using_Jackie_Go_Photos_9 Cindy_Tong_Is_An_Imposter_Using_Jackie_Go_Photos Cindy_Tong_Is_An_Imposter Cindy_Tong_Is_An_Online_Identity_Theft_Posing_Using_Jackie_Go_Photo_2 Cindy_Tong_Is_An_Online_Identity_Theft_Posing_Using_Jackie_Go_Photo_3 Cindy_Tong_Is_An_Online_Identity_Theft_Posing_Using_Jackie_Go_Photo_4 Cindy_Tong_Is_An_Online_Identity_Theft_Posing_Using_Jackie_Go_Photo_5 Cindy_Tong_Is_An_Online_Identity_Theft_Posing_Using_Jackie_Go_Photo Cindy_Tong_Stole_Jackie_Go_Photos_1 Cindy_Tong_Stole_Jackie_Go_Photos_2 Cindy_Tong_Stole_Jackie_Go_Photos_3 Cindy_Tong_Stole_Jackie_Go_Photos

Please help me report this person on Facebook. Apparently, she (or baka bekibells?) is also getting my photos from my blog and other social media sites (Twitter & Instagram). Does this mean I need to plaster a huge watermark on my photos particularly of myself and my kids? Haaaay. I pray that whoever is behind this will come to her senses and just stop using other people’s photo and pretend to be somebody that she’s not.

UPDATE as of SEPTEMBER 1, 2014. Cindy Tong’s page has been deleted & has now created a new Facebook page that goes by the name ofΒ Sorina Vanessa Markova.

Sorina Vanessa Markova poser:scammer

Sorina Vanessa Markova


Moving on, girl, God bless you! πŸ™‚




    • jackiego says

      Yes, her account is still active and people are still being fooled into believing it is me. Labo πŸ™

  1. jackiego says

    I just hope that those people (men mostly) who she is in communication with ail realize that they are being taken advantage of by this person. I only wish her well so she can stop doing this.

  2. jackiego says

    Hi Anne! Naku talaga? Eh I cannot report her naman kasi everytime I try to access the profile, it says the link is broken or removed. πŸ™

  3. Chenne Cruz says

    Hi, Ms. Jackie! I tried to report her. I got as far as to the question who Cindy Tong is pretending to be, after that there was a dialog box asking for your name. I can’t put your name in. it goes blank after I try to submit it. I don’t know if this is the norm. Anyway, I clicked the button “done”. I hope the complaint reaches FB admin.

  4. says

    I feel you ako naman mga photos ko with LV bag ko ang ninanakaw para sa online scamming business nila. May watermark yun ah di na inalis at ang nakakakloka may naloloko pa ; (

    Another time Longchamp Bagsphotos ko naman pinagdiskitahan over…


    • jackiego says

      Apparently, its a thing on Facebook. Using other people’s photos to either be somebody else online or catfish another person. πŸ™

  5. jen gangan says

    I reported the acct as a fake account. I’m not friends with you in FB so I just clicked the REPORT/BLOCK option, Submit a report, Report Cindy’s Acct, This is a fake account, Other,then Submit Report.

    For those friends with you on FB, it’s a lot easier to report. Just click the REPORT/BLOCK option, Submit a report, Report Cindy’s Acct, This Timeline is Pretending to me or someone I know, Pretending Someone I know, then put in the box Jackie Go’s name (Jackie’s FB acct should appear there,like in tagging), then Submit Report. Maybe you should ask your FB friends to do this—the more reports the better.

    This is kinna scary, the account still exists. Hope I helped in any way possible and that Facebook will resolve this.

    • says

      Hi Mayu! Thank you so much for the updates and for reporting her profile. Does the profile have new photos?! I did put watermarks on all my public photos so if she/he ever use it again, it would be obvious that she grabbed it from me. I don’t get why Facebook isn’t doing anything to remove her page when there were a lot who already reported it πŸ™

    • says

      Hi! Thank you so much for letting me know about this person using my photos. Please do also report the Facebook page. Thank you so much & God bless you! πŸ™‚


        No worries… apparently, the scammer is trying to sell magic cards repack for 250 pesos… but the most catching of his/her advertisement is that she’s giving away a free card worth 5k-10k for the first 20 buyers…. that is a deal too good to be true, and it turns out to be too good indeed… I did a reverse image search on google and presto, your blog article came up… that confirmed my doubt that this user is a BOGUS!!!

        You should read her product description… so many loopholes in her story… first she said that she found a collection of cards from her uncle’s closet (who recently passed away)… but surprisingly, she knows some of the noteworthy cards out of the bunch… if she just stumbled upon the collection recently there’s no way that she will know that DUAL LAND CARDS are highly sought after… and giving it away for free is just ridiculous!!!

        As of this writing, the account is no longer existing… but the ebay account continue to have bidders on the listings…which is bad… i have already reported the ebay account…

        • says

          I already reported her (if this person is a she) Facebook page and true enough one of my friends chatted with her and ask to remove my photos. She did so willingly and apologize as she was using it lang daw for her “business”. Seriously?! Identity theft is part of her business? Now we’re still trying to trace her IP address, Facebook reversed my report as the user already removed all my photos. Sadly, I hope he stops before he fools more people otherwise, there is nothing we can do but to report users, posers and scammers like her/him. Thank you again!


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