Play With Oreo

Summer for my lil’ GJGs means the perfect time to have fun and to hang out. We were supposed to go to Fun Farm for a day of #PlaywithOreo. Unfortunaltey, the GJGs weren’t able to go as it was exam week for lil’ Ms. GJG. Aaah, seeing the posts of my Oreo lover friends made us wished we were there with them. You can read the posts of my fellow SoMoms & blogger friends about the fun day at the farm HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE.

Lucky for me, my lil’ GJGs aren’t really hard to please. Anything that has to do with snacking and being silly with each other makes them happy. And what better way to go for this than to do a staycation. Since I have two little children, they like activities that are just plain fun and for them, checking in at a hotel is one way to enjoy summer. There’s something about staying at a different place that makes my kids really happy. Either we’re all cooped up in our cozy & relaxing room or we’re out getting in the water, enjoying the hotel’s pool. As long as there’s snack time in between, my lil’ GJGs & I are happy campers. 🙂

So here’s our version of #playwithOreo.


 We stayed at Azalea hotel last week because our condominium had a power interruption and the first thing I packed is our snack bag. You know, the usual crackers, chips, nuts, chocolates and of course Oreo.


“Mom, I’m hungry!”

“Mommy, I want to eat food”

These are the two lines you would often hear from my lil’ GJGs. They’re serial snackers like their mom and so I make sure that they have enough snack to munch on. When I told them to pick a snack from the snack bag, it was hands down Oreo.


Happiness is getting to eat what you want. These two can’t get their hands off their Oreo.

I was able to capture some candid shots of these two being silly- obviously one of the things they looooooove doing.


While the lil’ guy already wants to open their snack, the lil’ lady decided it can wait as she needs to pose first. Hahahaha.


“Juro, say banana!”


Aaaand here comes the laughing fit!


My lil’ silly babies.


“Mommy, loookaaatmeeee, Imma pirate!”


“Also meeeeeeee!”


“Juro look at me, I can balance my Oreo on my head!”


“See, I can balance!”


“My turn! Look at meeee”




“My eyes are Oreo!”

“Juro, you’re soooo funny! Okay, now let’s eat!”




Then lil’ Ms. GJG decided to play Tic Tac Toe.


But because her playmate just wants to cross out and draw a line over the tic tac toe, lil’ Ms. GJG decided to incorporate Oreos in their game.


The only problem is when its lil’ Mr. GJG turn, he doesn’t want to give up his Oreo to play.



“Look, there’s an airplane!”

“Ooooh, the cloud looks like a heart!”


My water baby always looks forward to swim time & snack time.

Summer. Staycation. Swim. Snack.

Summer fun activities need not to be expensive nor does it require one to exert effort. All you need is to unleash your silly side, have fun, enjoy and #playwithOreo.

Check out some summer tips from Tina of The Phenomenal Mama & try out her Oreo recipes. Also, you can check out the bento box we did with Oreo– it’s also a fun way to tap your creative side with your kids.



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