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I bet most of you by now have already watched Transformers: Age of Extinction. How did you find the movie? The movie maniac in me liked the usual Hollywood franchise of the film. As expected, the CGI was great. Kinda reminded me of our Singapore trip when we rode the Transformers ride. It was wild and I felt like I was really in a scene where Megatron was chasing after us and Optimus Prime. Feeling Megan Fox, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Nicola Peltz (who I like more in The Last Airbender) lang ako as I experienced the frantic ride of being chased, thrown and bumped against buildings and other Transformers. Overall, I liked the movie despite the frequent retouch of the actors’ make up (who has pink lips and perfect eye make up hours after being chased and hunted down?!) and slightly poor acting skills of Nicola Peltz (Girl, when you’re stuck in an alien ship, you outta be scared for your life!). Good thing 90% of the film had Marky Mark (Wahlberg) presence. Lavett!

Did you see the special appearance of Oreo in the film? Cool no? In line with this, Oreo released two new limited edition flavors!

Oreo_New_Flavors Oreo_New_Flavors_Prime_BerryPrime Berry Creme (blueberry flavor) featuring Optimus Prime.

Oreo_New_Flavors_Action_FruitAction Fruit Creme (orange flavor) featuring Bumble Bee.

There are also special edition Oreo Tranformers pack of our favorite chocolate and original creme with free stickers.

Oreo_New_Flavors_Original Oreo_New_Flavors_ChocolateOreo’s collaboration with Transformers inspired us to do our own Oreo Transform.

Oreo_TransformersSo we had a box of Oreo Chocolate Creme at home and a few candy sprinkles and dots. What to do with them? Create a Transformer!


Three easy peasy steps

1. Twist the Oreo, remove the chocolate filling  (this will serve as our “creme paste”) and set it aside.

2. Crush the Oreo cookies.

3. Start moulding the crushed Oreo cookies on your preferred container (plate, bowl, or tray). Ask your kids to choose a Transformer design of their choice and create an outline from there. Fill it up with more crushed Oreo cookies and highlight it with candy sprinkles and candy dots.

For our Transformers, lil’ Ms. GJG choose this logo.


I wasn’t able to take photos of the procedure as it was a bit messy. So here’s lil’ Ms. GJG doing the final touches of our Oreo Transform.

Oreo_Transformers_4Tadah! Transformers Oreo! 48 years in the making. Okay fine 48 minutes lang naman. 😉

Oreo_Transformers_2So, whadayyaaa think? Na-achieve ba namin ang #OreoTransform? Autobots, roll out! Ahihihihi.

Oreo_Transformers_6My kids love it! Look at how Mr. GJG secretly dips his finger just so he can eat those candy dots & crushed Oreo. Pare, pa-simple ka masyado. Huli ka gwapo!

Oreo also launched their mobile app called Oreo Do It Together.

Oreo_Do_it_TogetherOreo Do It Together is a free app that has tons of fun activities that you and your family can do together. It’s so easy to get started, simply register your family to start earning badges.


To earn a badge, you must do an activity together with your family. You can upload photos of each activity you did and save it in your Oreo DIT Memory Book. If you have collected enough badges, you get to have your Memory Book printed. Isn’t that cool?

Oreo_Do_it_Together_1You can also link your Oreo DIT profile on your social media sites so your friends and family can also try the activities. You can download the Oreo Do It Together app on iTunes or Android. Now here’s the fun part, I’m holding a giveaway here on the blog. ONE lucky reader of mine gets to win a pair of Ayala movie pass and an Oreo gift pack. Simply follow the mechanics.


Participants must download the OREO DIT (Do It Together) app on iTunes or Android. Once you’ve downloaded the app, don’t forget to register so you can start doing the fun activities with your family.

In order to qualify, you must do a Transformers related activity. Choose among these three options: build Transformers out of Oreo, reenact a scene from the movie (Transformers: Age of Extinction) or make a family Transformers pose.

Add & save the activity you created in the memory book on the OREO DIT app.
Add a caption and share it on Twitter.  Don’t forget to follow and tag @gojackiego and @OreoPH plus use the hashtag #OreoTransform so we can see and track your entries. Please make sure Twitter account is set to public to qualify.

Oreo_Transformers_5Here’s the GJG’s #OreoTransform creation! What’s yours? Start creating your own family’s Oreo Transform (choose among the three activities I mentioned above).

You can send as many entries as you want! Giveaway will start today July 11, 2014 and will end July 25, 2014.

The most creative entry from all valid entries on Twitter will be chosen by Oreo PH and will win 2 Ayala movie passes each + Oreo gift pack. The Ayala movie passes have no expiration date so you can use it anytime to watch any movie of your choice in your preferred Ayala mall. The winner will be notified by @OreoPH through Twitter mention. He or she will be asked to send a direct message to @OREOPH’s Twitter with their complete name, mailing address, and contact number.

Oreo team will send the movie passes + Oreo gift pack on the mailing address provided by the winner.

That’s it pancit! Gorabells na and join!

Go ahead and Oreo Transform with your family!


Visit http://www.oreotransformers4.com



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