Of Milestones and Modelling

The first official walk on the runway for my lil’ GJGs was during Expo Mom 2014. Lil’ Mr. GJG was almost two years old then and technically, it’s lil’ Ms. GJG’s second walk. It was fun and memorable for us as it was the first time we walked together.  This year, they were again invited to walk the runway by Rustan’s Department Store. This time around, they have to walk with each other, without me. I didn’t commit right away because I wasn’t sure if my kids would want to do it without me or would want to do it at all. As much as I wanted them to do things like this to develop their self-confidence, I also don’t want to force them to do things just because I want to. So I had to ask my first born, lil’ Ms. GJG if she wanted to join the fashion show.

ME: Hun, Rustan’s called me and asked if you and Juro want to join in their kiddie fashion show.

LIL’ MS. GJG: Whaaat? You mean model and walk? Not just take photos and pose?

ME: Yes, walk on the runway, like the one we did before. But this time around, I won’t be there with you and your shoti to hold your hand and guide you through.

LIL’ MS. GJG: Can I hold Juro’s hand instead?

ME: I think you can but we better ask Rustan’s if you guys are going to walk together.

LIL’ MS. GJG: It’s okay mom, I can help and yeah Juro to walk.

ME: Okay!

I don’t think their confidence came from me for I’m pretty sure I was shy and timid growing up, actually until now. I would never volunteer myself nor would want to participate in any activity my mom would sign me up for. When I started modelling, I was very timid and shy. I feel like my personality doesn’t fit the industry where you have to exude confidence. It took me years to learn that confidence should really start from within and that being comfortable in your skin is essential in building your character.

They had their rehearsal and fitting a few days before the show. The call time was at 9 in the morning and it was at Rustan’s in Makati. I wasn’t sure how my lil’ GJGs would act given it takes a few minutes for them to warm up especially when they’re surrounded with strangers and are part of a big group. I was just hoping for the best yet have already anticipated grumpiness to be part of the process. But I surprised that both my children were okay during the rehearsal.


My lil’ Ms. GJG is a shy and modest girl. At the back of my mind, I assume she might get shy, call out for me and won’t rehearse. But surprisingly, she was very comfortable and quite frankly, professional as she listened to the production team and queued for her turn to walk the runway.


I gotta say, this kid has that model swag. They way she walked during the rehearsal was great. She’s like a pro with matching swinging of her pony tail pa!



As for my lil’ Mr. GJG, he was steady and happy. He didn’t mind holding hands with a mommy model even if it wasn’t me. He even spotted me from his starting position and din’t even flinch to call out for me. Medyo nakaka-proud moment lang.


After the rehearsal, they went straight to fitting.



They were pretty much in a good mood during the morning of rehearsal and fitting. I am pretty relived that they behaved well but what made me happy was seeing how much fun the whole process was for them.

Come the day of the show, I was on call for work. I was hoping my own fitting and workshop would finish just in time for me to catch their segment of the show. Sadly, I didn’t make it but I asked Mr. GJG if he could take some photos and video of the lil’ GJGs.


Issa Litton hosted the show.


The first segment was Neck & Neck where the lil’ GJGs are part of.



When I saw this photo posted by Rustan’s during the time I was still at work, my heart skip a beat. I was super proud of my lil’ GJGs for walking down the runway and enjoying every minute of it. I am not a stage mom but I admit to being a proud mom and moments like this really unleashes the proud momma in me. Ganito pala yung proud momma feeling. When you know that you really haven’t done anything but just guide them and believe in them. Not being able to watch them walk the runway was somehow a blessing in disguise for me because I didn’t feel the need to pressure them nor constantly worry how they’ll do the moment the show starts. All I had was this photo to prove that presenting them an opportunity to be themselves and to gain confidence is just what they need to build their character at a young age.

Post show snaps by Mr. GJG. When I asked them how it was, they both couldn’t contain their happiness and just were excited to tell me their experience.  So proud of these two despite lil’ Mr. GJG being so sleepy because he wasn’t able to take his name that afternoon, still he was a pro and did his job!


Congratulations to all the mommas of the adorable kids who walked down the runaway during the Rustan’s Sound of Sunshine Kidchella Show! I’m sure you’re all proud parents for this little yet fulfilling milestone for you and your child. Thanks also Rustan’s for having the lil’ GJGs, they had so much fun!

Mr. GJG was able to take a video of the lil’ GJGs cute catwalk. Spot lil’ Mr. GJG being adorable and all.

I honestly don’t want anything for Mother’s Day, except for more moments like this. To have more opportunities where I can help my children discover themselves and help build their personality.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mommas in the world. Give yourself a pat on the back for doing a job well done! 🙂



  1. eLISA says

    Happy Mother’s Day Ms. Jackie! LIttle Mr and Ms. GJG are so cute, looks like a PRO and really can see they enjoy the activity..

  2. vallee gonzaga says

    Aww I’m so happy for you, Gabbie and Juro! looking forward to more moments like this in your life 🙂 Happy mother’s day!


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