NUXE Paris Comes To Manila

All-natural cosmetics brand, NUXE is now now available in Manila.

Aliza Jabes, the woman behind the brand had one vision – to harness the infinite power of plants and to offer women the gift of soft, supple and youthful skin. In just two decades, the now-renowned Parisian beauty company, NUXE has created several award-winning skincare lines and products that offer an ultra-luxurious and sensorial experience.

NUXE (which means natural luxury) truly is the skincare that’s inspired by nature.


The launch was held at The Conservatory of the Manila Peninsula. It was transformed into Paris with different stations where guests can experience the lines of NUXE. NuxeParis_JackieGo_14

Nature, innovation, evaluation, accessibility and sensorially make up the fundamental values of NUXE. As an all-natural cosmetics brand, NUXE is committed in choosing ingredients of natural origin whenever possible. Respectful to the skin, NUXE’s facial products are all non-comedogenic (their use does not result in the appearance of blemishes) , and are formulated without paraben, mini real oils (ingredients of petrochemical origin) and animal-origin ingredients.
NuxeParis_JackieGo_3 NuxeParis_JackieGo_4

In addition, NUXE uses ecological, 100% natural and solvent-free processes to extract its botanical active ingredients, ensuring the potency of each component.

The most well-know NUXE product is the Huile Prodigieuse. The first product every launched by NUXE in 1991. Up to now, it remains the #1 oil in French pharmacies today.

I particularly love the Huile Prodigieuse. It’s perfect for people with dry skin but people with oily or combination skin can also benefit from it. The multipurpose oil nourishes, softens and repairs and it can be used in the face, body or hair without leaving the skin oily at all.¬†NuxeParis_JackieGo_1Feels like Paris. Aaah someday.NuxeParis_JackieGo_15

Every visit to a station equals to one bracelet. I visited three stations and each one prompts me to learn more about NUXE.NuxeParis_JackieGo_16

Francesca Colayco, Rustan’s Marketing Corporation General Manager welcomes NUXE to the Rustan’s family.

Julien Coutas, International Director of Laboratoire NUXE flew in from Paris to celebrate the coming of NUXE to Manila and to present NUXE’s first Filipina Ambassador.

NUXE has been recognized with 211 national and international awards for its exceptional quality, and has remained no. 1 in major segments of the pharmacy market including anti-aging care for Laboratorie NUXE, in oils for Huile Prodigieuse, in fragrances for Prodigeus le Parfum, and firming care segment for the NUXE body fondant firming cream.

Sophie Moisdon, International Operational Marketing Director of NUXE Paris did an overview of the brand and its products.

She also mentioned that NUXE never launches a product prematurely. It is only after months Рif not years Рof rigorous testing that it deems a product effective and safe for market consumption. Therefore, with each NUXE formulation, one is assured that your skin is given the best care possible, nourished and protected from the deepest skin layer. NuxeParis_JackieGo_19

Nikki Gil is the first ever Filipina brand ambassador of NUXE Paris. Nikki follows the basic skin care protocol and her choice? Natural products to take care of her skin and she found this in NUXE Paris. She loves how mild yet effective NUXE is on her skin. NuxeParis_JackieGo_20

NUXE is now sold in 74 countries, including the Philippines. Congratulations again NUXE Paris and welcome to the Philippines!


NUXE is available in Beauty Bar, Rustan’s Makati and Rustan’s Shangri-La.

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