My Tiny Trendsetter

My 5 year old lil’ Ms. JG officially has a say in what she wears. She cannot be persuaded nor forced to wear something she doesn’t find a. cute, b. comfy, and c. fits perfectly. If you ask me, this is both fun and challenging.

My lil’ girl has a varying sense of style and often times she wants a girly look, so she resorts to wearing a dress. But lately I find that she likes wearing pants more.

This look is soooooo her. She has a thing with cardigans and would always, if not most of the time, ask me if she can wear or bring one every time we go out.


Soft, stretchy and comfy pants are a must for this gymnast-in-the-making. More often than not, she would ask me what our weekend plans are so she can choose what she’ll wear. Funny though that she’s more prepared than I am when it comes to dressing up.


Comfy yet chic.


This look works great this holiday for we all know Christmas gatherings mean being with fellow kids which inevitably means, there’s play involved. Wearing something comfy will surely make it more easy and fun for your lil’ lady.



“If it gets too hot, just remove your jacket and tie it around your waist. Tie it two times so it won’t fall off.”

How cute is this lil’ lady, giving me tutorial on how to tie a cardigan on the waist. Heehee.



I believe she poses better than me. No direction, I just asked her to do her thing. 😀 So, she asked me if she can jump.

MANGOkids_Trendsetter_JackieGo_16“See? It’s so comfy I can jump!”



Who says shirts and pants aren’t festive enough for the holidays? Surely not this sequinned shirt and floral pants, paired with a sparkly cardigan and cute cat slip ons.

My lil’ lady’s ready to party with her oufit all from MANGO Kids.


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