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Last month, my favorite girl in the world turned six and this year, my favorite boy in the world will turn four. As much as I hate to admit it, they’re growing up and I no longer have babies nor toddlers anymore!

Since both of my kids go to school already, this year is the first time they’ll both be moving up. As excited as they are ending the school year and starting anew, I feel very emotional about it (see first two sentences above for reference). While I feel emotional about them moving up, still, I’m excited to shop for their Moving Up Day outfits!

It’s no surprise that lil’ Ms. JG loves shopping for clothes as much as I do, but it was only during our recent trip to the mall, particularly at Mango Kids did I found out that lil’ Mr. JG also likes picking his own clothes. That’s it, I officially no longer have babies. *insert crying emoji here*

Just like their dad, my kids are fast shoppers. When they see what they like, they try it on and they’re done! Easy shoppers they are. I hope I pick this trait of theirs but I think it might be too late now. Hihi. Anyhow, here’s the outfit they picked for their Moving Up Day.


Take a look at the outfit lil’ Mr. JG chose for himself.


My lil’ boy has some swag in him!


He’s super happy with what he chose. He said his shirt is so soft and so comfy. So much so that he didn’t want to remove it at the end of the day.


As for the pants, he obviously loves it. He has a thing for pockets and the low crotch allows him to move freely. The color was his choosing.


Denim is always in.


Extra pogi points if you let your child wear a comfy & cool pair of shoes.


Now here’s what my lil’ Ms. JG picked for herself.


She’s now back to skirts! She finds balloon skirts such as this her favorite. When I asked her why, she simply said “So when I twirl, it makes a big circle! See photos below for concrete example.

She actually asked me to take a photo of her twirling.

“Mom, can you take a photo of me twirling so that you can see what I mean?!”


So proud of this lil’ girl for choosing pieces that go well together. I think I have a future stylist in my hands. 😉

Her love for cardigans remains. She specifically picked this one coz of how soft and light it is.MangoKids_MovingUpDayOOTDforKids_JackieGo_23

While black isn’t her thing, I was surprised to see her pick this piece. She’d usually go for pastels but when she saw the intricateness of the laser cut faux leather skirt, she immediately liked it. MangoKids_MovingUpDayOOTDforKids_JackieGo_24

Don’t forget to let your kids wear comfy shoes to match their equally comfy outfit.


No art direction needed for these two. They definitely pose waaaaay better than their momma!

While my kids have a love-hate relationship, I love capturing them so in-sync with each other. Definitely having some of these photos printed and displayed on our photo wall. Next year for sure, they won’t be this small na. *insert crying emoji here*



All grown up these two. All of lil’ JGs’ clothes are from Mango Kids.

Shop Mango Kids at SM Mall of Asia, Ayala Cebu, SM BF Paranaque, Trinoma, Glorietta, Eastwood, SM Megamall




  1. Tin Amar says

    Hi Ms. Jackie! Lil’ Ms. JG’s shoes is lovely. Is it also from Mango? I already bought my daughter a dress for moving up day but no shoes to match yet.

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