Mga Kwento Ni Lola Basyang And Bugtong Bugtong Volume 2 Book Launch

I together with SoMoms Tin, Cai, Jenny R. & Jenny O. were lucky to have been invited by Tahanan Books for the special pre-launch event of Mga Kwento Ni Lola Basyang and Bugtong Bugtong. It was an intimate gathering that gave us a chance to have a casual conversation and get to know the illustrator and author of these books.





Bugtong (riddle) is considered one of the wealth of Filipino literature. It is a form of statement or question that has a veiled (double)  meaning and is  a puzzle to be solved. Bugtong Bugtong is a compilation of Filipino riddles with illustrations that serve as answers.


Mga Kwento Ni LolaBasyang is a series of short stories written by “Lola Basyang” the pen name of Severino Reyes. After almost a century since he wrote these stories (dating 1925), it has now been compiled and re-wriiten to bring life to the stories for our younger generation to appreciate.

Daniel Palma Tayona, the illustrator of Bugtong Bugtong Volumes 1 & 2 signs copies of his book.

Christine Bellen, author of Mga Kwento Ni Lola Basyang Books 1 & 2 signs a copy.

We’re lucky we got to have our copies of these books signed by their illustrator and writer. I get kilig whenever I look at books with dedication from their author, such a privilege to own them.

Look at my gwapito, intently listening to Daniel. Perhaps he wants to be an illustrator too? 🙂

There were framed prints by Daniel Tayoma displayed, which are also for sale.









Christine Bellen, with SoMoms Tin Dychiao with Xavi, Cai Sio, Jenny Ong, Jenny Reyes, Daniel Tayona and I with Juro.


Love Tahanan Book’s commemorative paper bag.

One can never have too many books. My love for books will always be evident and I hope I can influence my kids to love them as much. Oh, I haven’t taken a photo of my well, my kids’ signed copies. I’ll Instagram it instead so please follow me, click here.

Thank you Fran of Tahanan Books for the lovely afternoon. Looking forward to more book launching, hopefully soon!

Happy Monday!


other photos by Gisela Marcelang, grabbed here.


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