BreakFestival: Making It My Family’s Weekend Tradition

The modern family today lives on different agendas and schedules filled to the brim that not eating together daily has become silently acceptable by society. Let’s face it, work and school are the responsibilities that have become a scapegoat not to have breakfast as a family. Sometimes, these have also become a valid excuse to skip breakfast completely.

This, my family is completely guilty of. Early weekday mornings call for quick, grab and go breakfast that we just enjoy in the car while in transit to work or school. I believe my family isn’t the only one guilty of this. That’s why Mekeni launched their Breakfestival advocacy. The all-Filipino brand’s mission is to tie the family together and create an avenue for the busiest of families and give them the perfect excuse to slow down, sit-down, and enjoy a hearty meal.


Family favorite tocino, mouth-watering aroma of longanisa, and the crispy ends of bacon are enough to wake my family up early on Saturdays to have breakfast together.


I know my kids are still young and have a few more years of being dependent to me but as early as now I’m taking advantage by bonding with them over weekend breakfasts. Saturday mornings are our time to share what happened during the week. If I was busy with work, I tell them how much I missed them and use this time to just be there with them. I want this to be our tradition–to have breakfast together and just enjoy each other, no gadgets just us talking over good food.


My kids always look forward to breakfast on Saturdays because it’s the only time we eat together in the morning. It’s usually  a full spread made up of pancakes, eggs, cereals and all their favorite brekkie food. But since we received a few Mekeni products I decided to serve them for my kids to try. Mekeni tocino immediately won my kids’ heart and the bacon, mine.

We literally woke up like this! Off to bed early to prepare and enjoy breakfast with my two most favorite little girl and little boy. We’re definitely making BreakFestival our family tradition. Thank you so much to Mekeni for inspiring me with your story and encouraging me to be part of your advocacy to make eating breakfast as a family a habit.

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Know more about Mekeni Breakfestival HERE.

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