Meet The Anchor Home Chefs And Their Re-Imagined Dishes

Cooking is one of the things homemakers are known for. The menu planning may look easy but for us moms, it’s a painstaking task to think about what to serve our family three times a day for seven days. As you all know I love to cook. I may not be very good at it but I’m good enough that my family eats what I cook for them without hesitation. Heehee. Anyway, I believe that reinventing and reimagining food by giving the ordinary a different approach to make it extra ordinary is what moms are good at.

In line with this, Anchor recently launched their newest campaign, the Anchor Home Chef that aims to bring out the chef in every home cook; proving that with Anchor, anyone can cook like a pro and make even the ordinary absolutely delicious!

Anchor believes in those who take pride in serving their loved ones great tasting dishes, using only quality products that bring out the best in every dish.
Anchor Home Chef aims to bring out the inner chef in home cooks everywhere, and help them make their unique kitchen creations through the pure dairy goodness of Anchor, transforming simple dishes into Recipes Re-imagined.

The challenge started over the course of 4 weeks. Anchor gathered re-imagined dishes from home chefs from all over Facebook and the best and most unique recipes were chosen to reveal a top 6. Soon after, the invasion happened as renowned chef Jonas Ng visited each of the 6 winners at their homes to witness a personal cooking demo of the winning dishes. After the challenge and invasion were over, the 6 winners presented their winning recipes to public where they did a live cooking demo. The Achor Home Chef final course happened last Friday May 31, 2013 at Café Ysable in San Juan. I was one of the lucky people who got to taste the six delicious dishes of the first circle of Anchor Home Chefs.

Anchor Home Chef

We guests also got the chance to unleash the inner chefs in us, as we had to decorate our own cake-in-a-jar.

Anchor Cake In A Jar 1

Anchor Cake In A Jar 2

Anchor Cake In A Jar 3

My cake in a jar creation!

Anchor Cake In A Jar 4

Without further adieu here are the 6 Anchor Home Chefs winning dishes.

Ham & Cheese Roll

Ham & Cheese Roll 2

This simple yet fulfilling meal created by Montecielo Guevara is perfect to serve as an appetizer or a snack. I like that it can pass as a comfort food for days or nights when you just want to munch away.

Breakfast Spring Roll

Breakfast Spring Rolls 2

Spring rolls is a staple food in our household. I like doing them and this re-imagined version by Neneth Tiongkiao is something I look forward to cooking myself. It’s not your ordinary breakfast dish as it can be served any time of the day and can even be prepared and stored in the freezer ready for frying anytime you feel like eating breakfast.

Creamy Binagoongan Eggplant

Creamy Binagoongang Eggplant 2

Binagoongan has got to be one of my favorite dishes next to sinigang so I was very excited to taste Maridel Pacleb’s Creamy Binagoongan Eggplant. The fusion of shrimp paste with and whipping cream gave a rich creamy texture to the eggplant ha. I loved it. I’m surely going to try this recipe.

Chicken Crab Combo In Coco Milk

Chicken Crab Combo In Coco Milk 2

It is not too often we hear the combination of chicken and crab in a dish. It was definitely not an ordinary dish. For me, Gene Cruz’s Chicken Crab Combo in Coco Milk was a re-imagined version of a Morcon or an Embutido, topped off with creamy coco milk.

Here comes dessert, my favorite part of every meal. I was very much anticipating this part of the Anchor Home Chefs Final Course because I love desserts! I find creating desserts to be a challenge so I was excited to try the two re-imagined desserts.

Pinoy Panna Cotta

Pinoy Panna Cotta 2

For the fruit lovers, the Pinoy Panna Cotta of Dang Yee is perfect for you. This easy to do dessert gives just the right amount of sweetness to end a hearty meal.

Caramel Macchiato Ice Cream

Caramel Macchiato Ice Cream 2

When Michiko Halili, the chef behind this Caramel Macchiato Ice Cream recipe said she’ll be making this dish from scratch without an ice cream maker, I was doubtful that it is possible. I honestly couldn’t believe she did and boy when I tasted it, it was so delicious I wanted to ask for another serving. The creaminess and texture of the ice cream were like that of a restaurant made gelato. This dish really got me! I am so going to make this at home!

Congratulations to the six Anchor Home Chefs, out of thousands who submitted their re-imagined dishes, yours were chosen & all were delicious! But as you know, there can only be one winner.

Anchor Home Chef First Circle

And the grand winner of Anchor Home Chef is Michiko Halili (middle in the photo below).

Anchor Home Chef Winner

Congratulations Michiko! Your Caramel Macchiato Ice Cream was the crowd favorite! I’m super duper excited to try your recipe! As for my lovely readers, Anchor’s sharing with you all the recipes of the 6 winners so you can also try them and experience the delicious re-imagined recipes brought to us by Anchor, the dairy expert known for its premium taste and unrelenting quality of creams, butters and processed cheese.


Thank you Anchor for my basket of goodies! I cannot wait to try the re-imagined recipes of the Anchor Home Chefs.

Babies night out! Frances with her Iñigo and I with Juro.

Anchor Moms

Michelle, Rowena, Tin & I with lil’ Mr. GJG sleeping. Thanks Michelle for the photos!

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