Le Petit Souffle + Madrid Fusion Manila Desserts

When I passed by Mega Fashion Hall a few weeks back and saw a store space wrapped with that familiar logo, I shrieked internally, knowing that finally, Le Petit Souffle will be closer to me. Heehee. It’s probably the only restaurant that had turned me into a matcha lover. Their matcha latte is such a winner!

So when Charles Paw of La Petit graciously invited me to sample the new dishes of the restaurant along with some post-Madrid Fusion Manila desserts by well-known pastry chef, Chef Miko Aspiras, of course I didn’t refuse and immediately RSVP.



The new dishes will be available at Le Petit Souffle Mega Fashion Hall when they open come June-July this year.


Fromage, Frites, Fondue 


Though I am intolerant to dairy, cheese really is one of my weaknesses. And this fromage fondue didn’t disappoint. According to Charles, they’ll be serving this at Le Petit Souffle Megamall in a fondue. I believe it makes it more appealing to eat. Heehee.


Chopped Chicken and Miso Salad


Fresh, crunchy salad that is very Japanese all thanks to its miso dressing. Soft flavorful chicken paired with crunchy greens. This something I can finish in one sitting.


Ratatouille Souffle


Ratatouille is a vegetable stew dish. If you’re not a fan of vegetables, La Petit’s Ratatouille Souffle will change your mind. It’s by far the best ratatouille I’ve ever had! Rich, flavourful and just comforting. All the more I cannot wait for Le Petit to open in Mega Fashion Hall!


Matcha Latte topped with matcha soft serve. I’ve had this one too many times at Le Petit Souffle. Sarap lalo na ngayong summer!


Madrid Fusion Manila “Polvoron” by Chef Miko Aspiras. The inspiration behind this dessert is the well-loved classic Filipino dessert that is Polvoron– the toasted powdered milk candy comes in cashew, chocolate and sometimes use flavor. Chef Miko’s Polvoron offers the classic consistency with a tweak of flavors. He sourced local ingredients for each variant and some he even made the flavoured flour from scratch.


He’s hoping that someday, his reinvented Polvoron would be a pasalubong  (souvenir) favorite for tourists who would visit the Philippines. Pushing for this to happen, Chef Miko!

Chef Miko’s Madrid Fusion Manila Polvoron has ube, strawberry, corn flour & pili nut, pumpkin, calamansi among others. But my favorite of them all– squid ink!


For those who are used to sweet polvoron, this savoury flavor is surprisingly delicious! Chef Miko was right, if you open up your senses to the idea of trying out different flavors, not only will you entice your palette, you’ll also enjoy the variety of flavors.


Madrid Fusion Manila “Laro” by Chef Miko Aspiras. He wanted to capture the essence of sweat and rust (not literally ha!) so he came up with this dessert called Laro which means play. The inspiration for this is childhood play when the smell of sweat and rust are usually evident after a fun day outside. The two desserts when eaten together gives a sweet & tangy taste that lingers in your mouth for a while. For me, it’s a good palette cleanser when you’re taking a moment to get ready for the next course.

Thank you again Le Petit Souffle, Charles & Chef Miko for a lovely night of good food! I cannot wait for you guys to open your Le Petit Souffle Mega Fashion Hall restaurant!


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