Kilo Off 20-Day Challenge

Remember my post about Kilo Off finally being available here in Manila? Well, I took the 20-Day Challenge to really get a first-hand experience of what this product can do.


Kilo Off Liquid Orange Drink, Php 895 and Kilo Off 24 HR Capsule, Php 850/box of 30

Both these Kilo Off products promote flatter tummy all thanks to their active ingredients–pepper, fennel, and green tea extracts; coriander for Kilo Off 24HR Capsule and rhubarb, acacia, and tamarind. This combination can help improve and facilitate digestion, burn fat as well as help relieve a swollen stomach.

Bilang stomach ang usapan eh game ako dyan! Haha! Someone once said that I really don’t need to take dietary supplements ‘coz the way she sees me, I’m doing a good job when it comes to my health & fitness goals. Truth is I need it because I know I am not as strict as I can be with myself. I do indulge on weekends and I still eat food that I am intolerant to which in return doesn’t really allow me to achieve that illusive abs. I think most women can relate, the midsection is one of the most challenging parts to really tone and keep flat. Even before I got pregnant, my midsection na talaga is my insecurity, because hello puson! So I was really determined to try this Kilo Off products.


Take Kilo Off 24 HR capsule & Kilo Off Liquid Orange drink. I took this combination for 20 straight days coupled with regular exercise and healthy diet.


So I took 1 Kilo Off 24 HR capsule before each breakfast and dinner, while I drank a shot of Kilo Off Liquid Orange drink before lunch. I like how convenient taking the capsule is. As for the liquid–it has a pleasant plum flavor with a hint of sweet & sour–it needs to be refrigerated after opening, so I made sure I was home for lunch in order for me to take it.


The first two days, I honestly didn’t feel anything–no difference nor change. I just went about my day and did my usual routine–eat my three main meals on time & work out. The next couple of days proved to be different. Though it didn’t curb any cravings, I was satisfied with the amount of food I eat–I’m on Diet Diva food delivery. The first few days made me feel bloated (I guess PMS has something to do with it) BUT I realize my bloating has something to do with my bowel movement. On the fourth day, I started going to the bathroom regularly– as in every morning. This was the most evident side effect of Kilo Off for me–my digestion has definitely improved which made a huge difference in the way my tummy looks– flatter.


DAY 10 and I feel my tummy less bloated. Yes, keri na mag crop top. Heehee.


The next 10 days were consistent. And because I indulged during my vacation, I doubled up and took 2 capsules before every breakfast and dinner I had but still took 1 capful of the orange liquid drink before lunch. I felt that I was able to digest and breakdown whatever I eat faster than I usually would.

What I like about Kilo Off 24HR Capsule + Liquid Orange Drink is…

… it helps my bowel movement. The Kilo Off Liquid Orange drink contains fiber that facilitates in digestion.

… it relieves me of bloatedness. The 24HR capsule concentrates on burning fat which in turn helps me rid of unwanted fat.

… it doesn’t have any side effects. Some say that their stomach feels warm after taking the 24HR capsule. I guess the pepper gives that effect. Lucky for me, since I love spicy food, I didn’t feel any warm sensation while taking it.

… it has all-natural ingredients. Check the label and you’ll see there’s not one chemical that you can’t pronounce.

… it’s no fuss. It’s uncomplicated. All I have to do is take it before every meal and supplement it with healthy eating habits and exercise.


I am one who is not confident with my body, particularly my abdominal area–been wishing for abs since forever (yes, may forever LOL). Thus, I don’t own any two-piece anymore, save for this one. I wore this last year with a not so flattering tummy as seen HERE. But now, I can confidently say I can wear this without any hesitation.

Eating more than your body can burn is really the culprit on why one cannot achieve a flat tummy. But aside from this, there are other factors too. One of which is eating food you are intolerant to which can slow down your metabolism and challenge your digestion–you can read about my food intolerance HERE. When I was in Bohol, I ate almost every hour (huhuhuhu, I know!) & even though I am intolerant to cheese, still I indulged on a cheese platter all because it was too good to pass. Thankfully, Kilo Off saved me from looking like I was three month pregnant. 😀 Of course when I got home, I went back to being strict with my diet and exercise.

So you ask me, is Kilo Off effective?

The answer is YES. But do take note that taking only Kilo Off won’t guarantee you of results. What am I trying to say? Supplements like Kilo Off can only do so much in helping your digestion or curb your appetite but the other side of maintaining or achieving certain body goals is up to you. Kilo Off should be taken before every meal and those meals should be healthy ones. Apart from eating right, you also need to regularly workout in order for you to see realistic results. Kilo Off is more effective if partnered with good, healthy diet and exercise. Though I didn’t lose a kilo, I did however lose an inch off my waist. I felt the difference 10 days into the challenge but it wasn’t until I finished the 20-day challenge did I see the result.

For those of you interested in trying Kilo Off– know the ingredients, how you can take it and who can take it by reading my previous post about it HERE.

Disclaimer: effects may vary depending on one’s lifestyle.

Kilo Off is exclusively available in select Watsons stores nationwide.


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