Kid Friendly Sunday Brunch At Spiral, Sofitel Manila

Last Sunday, a handful of SoMoms, myself included, were invited by Sofitel Manila to dine and experience Spiral’s Sunday brunch. I’m not new to Sofitel Manila nor to Spiral as I’ve written & raved about them a few times here on my blog and on my other social media channels, but I couldn’t help be excited for our brunch. As not only the moms get to feast on the delicious food but as well as our kids.

SpiralSundayBrunch1My sundate, Gabbie loves going to hotels. She would always asks me when our next visit or staycation would be. When she learned she’s going on a date with me that Sunday, she was so ecstatic!

SpiralSundayBrunchSince Spiral takes after French culture, it’s just apt that they incorporated The Little Prince (Le Petit Prince) written by French writer Antoine De Saint-Exupery, as their children’s theme. The placemat doubles as an activity sheet where kids can answer and color.

SpiralSundayBrunch2A balloon twister (or creator ba dapat?!) roamed around Spiral entertaining kids and of course kids at heart. Here’s Jenny of Chronicles of a Nursing Mom with her kids N & E.

SpiralSundayBrunch3Mish of Momma N’ Manila with her son D.

SpiralSundayBrunch6If you’re dining at Spiral, request for a basket of their signature olive bread. It’s one of the many reasons why I love going back here.

SpiralSundayBrunch4I’m in bread heaven!

SpiralSundayBrunch7Spiral’s latest- Shake & Go is a pre-made salad in a jar. Sometimes I find it too overwhelming to get my salad fix as there are so many choices to consider, with Shake & Go, dressing is the only thing I need to decide on.

SpiralSundayBrunch8A trip to Spiral isn’t complete without going to the cheese room.

SpiralSundayBrunch9I tend to unleash the Mighty Mouse in me whenever I’m inside this heavenly room. I kinda wish I didn’t drive that day so I could’ve had wine and cheese.

SpiralSundayBrunch10Pair your cheese with these premium deli and your favorite glass of wine and you’re set.



SpiralSundayBrunch5Sorry medyo blurry. I tried to capture the chef preparing my order of Peking Duck.

SpiralSundayBrunch16What a clever way of storing sweets! How I wish I have this filing chest so I can hide my stash of sweets & chocolates.

SpiralSundayBrunch17There’s more! I was super kaduper tempted to get these chocolates but I just knew I had to resist them 🙁


SpiralSundayBrunch15Chocolate Eiffel tower!!!

SpiralSundayBrunch14My baby girl’s so happy seeing all the chocolates she can eat!

SpiralSundayBrunch19Foie Gras was the ultimate dish I always love eating at Spiral.

SpiralSundayBrunch22Since my Lenten sacrifice is giving up chocolates, I had to do away with these equally delicious treats for dessert. Note that the chocolate chip cookies are Gabbie’s. 🙂

SpiralSundayBrunch21It’s never too early for a glass of red or white. Whichever you prefer. Hic hic!

SpiralSundayBrunch20Spiral’s official mascot is The Little Prince. Here he is giving out treats to kids and eagerly posing for a photo op with lil’ Ms. GJG.

SpiralSundayBrunch23The SoKids E, D, Y, lil’ Ms. GJG, S & N.

After the hearty and seriously filling brunch, the kids got to make their own cookies. This activity is exclusive for kids who dine every Sunday brunch at Sofitel’s Spiral.

SpiralSundayBrunch24Lil’ Ms. GJG was way too excited to make her own cookies.

SpiralSundayBrunch25And so were the other SoKids.






SpiralSundayBrunch31Tadah! Gabbie made these cookies all by herself. I know its mababaw (shallow) but I am so proud of her.

SpiralSundayBrunch32Sofitel now has a flower shop! Well, more like those chic flower carts you see in the streets of France. For those who like to gift flowers to their loved ones & are staying or dining at Sofitel, no need to buy elsewhere.

Sofitel indeed is a perfect hotel for the family. Apart from their basic amenities, they also have a dedicated area for children. Beside the pool area is a stretch of open space where your kids can run around and play.

Swing, slide, run, glide, climb away!


SpiralSundayBrunch38Here’s Gabbie with Y, basking in the afternoon sun at the playground.

They also have an indoor play area called La Villa des Enfants where children can do lots of fun activities such as arts & crafts.

SpiralSundayBrunch36It is open everyday from 9 in the morning to 9 in the evening. If you’re staying at Sofitel, you get one hour free and if you dine at Spiral with a minimum of P5,000 per receipt you also get one hour complimentary.


They also have activities scheduled throughout the day, so your child can choose to attend what activity interests her most.


SoMoms at SpiralThe SoMoms Mish, Cai, Patty, Jenny & yours truly with Blessy & Ann of Sofitel.

Thank you so much Blessy, Jane & Ann of Sofitel Manila for hosting this lovely brunch. Can’t wait for our staycation over summer! 🙂

 Spiral Restaurant Sunday Brunch rates:

With free-flowing Champagne and wine  Php 4,092.53 nett

Without Champagne and wine Php 3,377.69 nett

Children 5 to 11 years old  Php 1,842.38 nett

Rates are subject to change.

 You can book a reservation online via:


 Spiral Manila

Facebook| Twitter




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