My Jessie J Live In Manila Experience

My kids and I watched Pitch Perfect 2 and we loved it as much as we loved Pitch Perfect 1. The song Flashlight was our home’s anthem during the following days because my kids couldn’t get enough of how catchy and easy it is to sing. So when I had the chance to watch the woman behind the hit song perform it live, I didn’t pass on it.


I got 2 VIP tickets to Jessie J! The concert was exclusive to Smart subscribers and the number 1 telco company in the Philippines gave away 3,000 tickets to lucky Smart subscribers! Now that’s customer service! 😉

Here I was with fellow bloggers moments before the show started.


Black out for a few seconds and suddenly, 10 small spotlights focused on a woman onstage, showing only a svelte silhouette.


OMG, Jessie J!!!


And there she is! Is she hot or is she hot?! I think short hair suits her. So fierce. At hello, may abs si ate! I want it! I want it aside from her voice (okay, I sound creepy like a creepy stalker! LOL).


The energy that she gave during the entire concert was nothing short of AMAZING! She interacted frequently with the crowd and gave away bits about how each song came about or her inspiration behind it.


The whole experience was simulation overload. The energy was exhilarating!


I even told Rowena (Animetric) that I am not really a fan but I like Jessie J’s songs. But halfway through her first set and I catch myself liking her. Liking her whole vibe. How simple and real her demeanour is despite being a superstar. She gave advice to everyone present at her concert, to not be afraid to do what makes you happy or to pursue your dreams. I know it sounds so cliche, but coming from her, it felt as if everyone’s dreams were possible and can come true. In fair, nakaka-inspire!


And because we’re all Smart subscribers, we busted out our phones and snapped away! Nakakaloka lang those who brought selfie sticks because they had it up the entire concert!


Jessie J requested for everyone to put down all gadgets and phones before she performed. She really didn’t start until almost all of us kept our phones. She asked everyone to be in the present. To take everything in, enjoy and dance! She even said something like “Look at me, don’t look at me on your phones or camera. I’m here! I’m here standing in front of you. Let’s look each other in the eye!” Eh grabe lang mas lalo lang akong naging fan nya! Heehee.


Her vibe is contagious! Everyone was on their toes either dancing, singing along or taking a photo or video.




Ayan na, lumabas pa more ang abs ni atey. Pak!


A fan gave Jessie J this Manila shirt. It was so sweet of her to wear it during the show. Winnnneeeeer! Na-win over mo na talaga ako! Thank you Smart Live More and SPINNR for letting be part of this wonderful experience. Probably one of the most memorable concerts I’ve been to.

Ending this post with Jessie J’s live performance of Flashlight. I recorded it because my kids love this song!



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