Hooray He’s Three!

My little ball of sunshine turns three years old today. This means I no longer have a baby! I always get sentimental whenever I celebrate milestones, especially my children’s birthdays. So much feels talaga that’s why I’ve made it a habit to dedicate an annual blog post for me to share my thoughts and wishes to my children.

Today, we add another year to our lil’ man!


Everyone who knows him finds him charming and such a happy person. Even when he was a baby, he’s fuss-free, smiling baby that people have come to like him. Now that he’s a year older, I see more and more everyday how he has developed a people-person personality. He likes to greet people enthusiastically with hi and hello and adores using the magic words please and thank you.


I don’t know what I did in my life that I was blessed by God and He entrusted me to be this boy’s mom. Whatever it is, I would no longer question, I will just be forever grateful.


His funny antics always make people laugh. Ever since he was born, our home has been more chaotic and disorganised yet the atmosphere has never been this joyful and fun.


Boy kulit is this guy’s nickname. He would purposely do things just because he finds it silly and just because he knows it will make someone happy.


Everyday, you test my patience and my ability to be the best mother I can be for you and your sister. Everyday you make me realize that I can do more, so I strive to better than I was yesterday. 


This little guy always charms his way through anyone’s heart. Should I be worried? Hahaha. Like most boys, this lil’ one is super, duper makulit. He’s such a curious cow and would really flip out when he feels like he doesn’t get a chance to do something or experience something for himself. We still have a long way to go when it comes to learning how life will not always be in our favour, but it’s okay hun, we can always take our time learning this.  You’ve got your whole life ahead of you. For now, ligtas ka pa bilang you’re young & free! Heehee


There are times I’m the good cop but there will also be times that to you, I am the bad cop. I understand you might get sad or even get mad at me but keep in mind that I’ll always be on your side. Unless, you did something totally wrong. But still, I’ll be on your side, yun lang you’ll get reprimanded for your wrong doings. Sorry, I won’t spoil & love you like that- sheltering you and protecting you even from your mistakes – because this is not love. You have to know that for every action you make, there is an equal and opposite reaction. Nagturo ng science bigla?! Hahaha!

JuroGo_FashionKids_1Caution: this cutie pie is charming and the effect will make you give in to what he wants. Don’t say, I didn’t warn you!


Everyday I worry and I always ask myself if I’m doing a good job, yet everyday without fail you make me feel that I’m the best mom in the world. Oh my love, you’ll always be my baby! *cue Mariah Carey’s Always Be My Baby*

I can’t believe you’re now three shoti! You’re old enough to eat by yourself, pack away your toys, and brush your teeth. Medyo sad kasi you don’t need me as much as you needed me when you were younger. Huhuhubells! Time, bakit ka ba laging nagmamadali?!

I wish that you continue being a ray of sunshine to people around you. Be the reason for them to smile and not to cry ha – especially your Achi! I also wish you have good health because the way I see it, you’re like me kasi, medyo sakitin (sickly) and it’s not something I want for you. Lastly, I wish you grow up to be a kind person. So much kindness that it overflows and people around you get enough kindness for themselves. We need more kind people in this world and hopefully, I guide you enough to become one.


Happiest birthday to you my love. Dad, Achi, & I (and our extended families) love you very much. Continue to be always amazing!



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