Food Find: Healthy Snacks

The truth is eating healthy is harder than working out. If you were raised to eat anything (aside from healthy food) and have eaten processed food and junk food for most of your life, the struggle to get back to the healthy wagon is real.

Take it from me. I’ve been thin and lean since I was young and eating not-so-healthy food has been part of my life, so shifting to healthier food was really challenging for me. My palette isn’t as adventurous when it comes to what is natural. I was so used to eating artificial sweet & salty food that when I made a conscious decision to incorporate more fruits and vegetables into my diet, I didn’t find it appealing–everything just tastes weird, lacks flavor and just not as appealing as my go-to processed food.

But after carving a habit to pack a banana instead of a chocolate chip cookie, I’ve gotten used to it that I’ve gradually lessened my unhealthy eating habit. Yes lessened lang. 70-30 levels pa din, meron pa din syempreng unhealthy food. Because I admit, I still eat junk food but only in small portions and only when I crave for it.

Since I like snacking, I’m sharing six of my favorite snacks that are healthier than my usual chocolate and chips.


Snack Box Roasted Cacao Nibs, Sahale Nut Snacks, Take Root Dried Snacks, The Superfood Grocer Raw Cacao Nibs, Slice Chips, and Brookside Acai & Blueberry Dark Chocolate. 

Brookside Dark Chocolate Acai & Blueberry, around Php 200+. Available at Rustan’s Department Stores, Robinsons Supermarket, S&R and other select supermarkets.


Why I love it?

Acai berry is a super food that has a lot of benefits. Whenever I crave for chocolate that I can nibble, I just pop open a bag and eat about 5 pieces. It satisfy my cravings for chocolate without the guilt. HealthySnacks_JackieGo_10

Sahale Nut Snacks, about Php 200+. Available at Healthy Options.


Why I love it?

Not a fan of nuts but Sahale Snacks are my addiction! They’re yummy and contains not only nuts but dried fruits as well. They have different variants which is also the reason why I love snacking on them.HealthySnacks_JackieGo_12

Jans Mixed Roots Chips, about Php 300+. Available at S&R.HealthySnacks_JackieGo_13

Why I love it?

Chips will always be my favorite and when I’m burning the midnight oil or spending an afternoon sitting on my desk, I like munching on chips to keep me going. If I can’t take it out completely, I better make sure I choose a healthier option. This is my substitute for when I’m craving for salty chips. It’s savoury and sweet. Perfect for the PMS craving.HealthySnacks_JackieGo_1

Superfood Grocer Raw Cacao Nibs, Php 395. Available at


Why I love it?

Again, chocolates! It’s the best substitute for that sweet tooth craving. Cacao is high in iron and is also the highest source of Magnesium. I mix this with anything– frozen fruit shakes, yogurt bowl, even in my coffee. HealthySnacks_JackieGo_6

Take Root Snacks, about Php 200+. Available at Spruce, Hole In The Wall, order at Take Root.phHealthySnacks_JackieGo_7

Why I love it?

Snack it anytime anywhere! Their kale variant is so addicting! It comes in different flavors and I usually top it on my avocado toast. Yum!


Snack Box Brownie Crunch, about Php 200-300. Available through @snackboxph on Instagram.HealthySnacks_JackieGo_5

Why I love it?

Great substitute for when I’m craving for a chocolate chip cookie or anything in the like. The crunch thin brownies are packed with cacao nibs, chia & flax seeds. Need I say more?


Slice Chips, Php 150. Available at Slice Cafe, BGC.

Why I love it?

It’s a guilt-free snack that I just cannot resist. It’s got two variants: banana and sweet potato. I prefer the latter in barbecue flavor. Yum!

So far these are some of the staple snacks I have at home. I’m still on the hunt for more so if you have any tips and favourites, please share naman diyan. Kthanksbye.



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