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Diet is often a misunderstood term. I hate it when people would give their opinion on how I lost weight and then attribute it to diet as if it was a bad thing. Seriously, di ba pwedeng it’s because I work out regularly and eat healthy food?

I never had any weight problems when I was growing up, I was slim and thin. But after having two kids, my body and metabolism have changed. I may still look slim and thin but I’m far from being healthy. Loose skin and saggy parts that gravity have successfully managed to pull were evident (I’m just good at hiding them, sssssh!). While I don’t have any issues with these, I don’t like the fact that I am not healthy and that I always feel lethargic on most days. I’m literally experiencing #lolahits and have identified myself as a Tita of Manila, in the sense that my body feels older than it actually is.

They say abs is really made in the kitchen. Even though you workout everyday but if you eat more than you caloric needs, you’re just wasting time, money, effort and energy. When I started doing Pilates, I vow to make the most of it and make an effort to eat healthier. This is very challenging for me, especially since I love eating. I love sweets and I cannot resist chocolates.

So I needed a push. A support that would help me with my eating habits and this support, I found in Diet Diva.


 Diet Diva is the second food delivery service that I’ve tried. What I like about it is the food is simply delicious, I don’t feel deprived and I eat like how I normally would but less and more frequently.


Diet Diva’s principle is simple: portion-control & calorie counting. We provide you with balanced meals from breakfast, lunch, dinner, and even snacks, all amounting to 1200 calories a day!

Why 1200 calories a day? It’s the safest number of calories for both male and female across various age groups for healthy & effective weight loss. Anything below 1200 calories will be counter-productive as the body will simply assume “starvation mode” and store fat by slowing down one’s natural metabolic rate.


 Instructions are highlighted as well as each meal so it’s easy to identify and see.


Momma Diva creates these special recipes and Nutritionist-Dietitian, Clark Dela Rivera, prepares and studies the weekly meal plan. I like how each meal is well-presented, with a serving size enough to fill you and how each weekly menu is carefully thought of.


 A week’s worth of Diet Diva is at P1,900. It’s one of the cheapest yet most satisfying diet food delivery services I’ve tried. That’s 5 days of happy, healthy meals. Yup, Monday to Friday only. There’s no Diet Diva on weekends, making Saturday and Sunday the perfect time to indulge and eat the not-so-healthy food you’re craving for. Don’t you just love it?! Balance is what you need if you want to eat healthier and be healthy, so never deprive yourself of the food you want to eat, unless you’re allergic or intolerant to it. So go lang, dapat may cheat days pa din. 😉

I have a few friends who have tried Diet Diva for themselves and have told me how much they love the food & have claimed to lose 2-6 lbs. in just their first week. Galing! I, myself am proud to say that I’ve reached my ideal weight of 115 lbs. I may gain a pound or two due to muscle build up (naaaaaks) but that’s another story which I’m excited to share as soon as I meet with my personal trainer and start my fitness journey with Fitness First Club. Yay! 🙂

Being the blogger that I am, I took the liberty of taking photos of my My Diet Diva meals, even though I really, really wanted to eat them right away. They do taste as good as they look.










 I didn’t feel the need to binge eat in between these meals although when I’m feeling extra hungry, I help myself with a serving of yogurt, kale chips or fruit to get me through. On weekends, I get to eat whatever I want, but still in moderation. Aaah yes, moderation is the key to success! You can’t really eat a buffet and expect wash board abs instantly right? Go for small, frequent servings of food everyday.



 A cookie for snack, sometimes I also get fruits. My daily meals from Diet Diva give me a balanced diet. I notice on my first week that I have more energy than I usually do. I’m doing much better with my workout especially when I consume my breakfast meal an hour before doing Pilates. In four weeks that I’ve been consuming Diet Diva, I don’t crave for junk food as much as before. Surprisingly, I find myself wanting more fruits and vegetables. My body suddenly craving for more healthier alternatives. In short, sanayan portion lang yan! (get used to) 😉


DietDiva_JackieGo_23A diet that can let me eat hamburger pandesal for breakkie. Ay lavett!




 Some of my Diet Diva favourites include: Beef Casserole, Chicken Chao Fan, Chili Corn Care, Kare-Kare, and Chicken & Pork Adobo.



  By doing regular work out, avoiding food I’m intolerant to and eating healthy happy meals from Diet Diva, I’m slowly transition, becoming my healthiest and strongest self. Now all I need to do is up my water intake and I’m really on my way to getting abs este fit body! 😀 Start eating healthy and your body will thank you for it.

You can reserve a slot for a weekly meal delivery at Diet Diva’s website or text them at the number below. Thank you Diet Diva for providing me with my healthy, happy meals! 😀


0917-703-DIVA (3482)

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