Happy 10 Years Hong Kong Disneyland

My lil’ Ms. JG just celebrated her birthday last month and as early as now, she has already made plans for her next birthday. She wants to celebrate her 7th birthday at the happiest place on earth–Hong Kong Disneyland!

Now her advance planning got me reminiscing on our last trip on the island almost three years ago.Hongkong_JackieGo

Beautiful Hong Kong, I can’t wait to be back!


My lil’ JGs were still babies in this photo! Lil’ Mr. JG is just a year old and lil’ Ms. JG was three years old–both first timers in Disneyland. As I plan lil’ Ms. JGs birthday in Disneyland next year & reminisce in between, I’m sharing with you all the park’s ongoing promotions that will surely entice you to fly to Hong Kong to spend a day at the happiest place on earth!


Whenever I ask her to pose for me to take a photo of her she would do this. Heehee. Nope, I didn’t teach her that. 😀

Disney Springtime Eggstravaganza

The park is already beautiful as it is but get ready to be surprised when you visit Hong Kong Disneyland this spring for it will be surrounded by beautiful and vibrant plants as Disney friends will create unique gardens that reflect their own personality. I wonder who among the Disney characters will have a garden of their own? If you’re planning to go during the Easter Holiday, go ahead and walk around the gardens as lovely Disney eggs designed in different Disney characters will make their debut appearance. It’s gonna be one fun egg hunting!


HKDisneyland_MickeyMinnieMouse HKDisneyland_CastleEgg HKDisneyland_Eggs


Mickey And The Wonderous Book

If you enjoy watching Disneyland’s plays, then I’m sure you’ll love their largest ever production! With 200 production team members, including 70 world class talents, this Broadway-style musical brings together the most loved Disney characters and stories we grew up with. I’m pretty sure my lil’ JGs will love Mickey and the Wonderous Book for they’ve always been a fan of musicals especially when they see their favorite characters– the princess for lil’ Ms. JG and Mickey and the gang for lil’ Mr. JG.

HKDisneyland_Show2 HKDisneyland_Show



Meet New Disney Friends

We didn’t have much decent photos from our trip then because toting two toddlers was challenging–most of my photos were blurry & didn’t have us in the photo. I know, right?! I guess selfie sticks back then weren’t as popular as they are now. Still, the moments we spent there are still one of our favorite memories and we really can’t wait to go back!

HKDisneyland_SofiaTheFirst HKDisneyland_Baymax

Now for our next visit, I’m gonna make sure that we’ll have more photos in the park. I’ll also make sure that my kids get to take a photo with Baymax from Big Hero 6 and Princess Sofia from Sofia The First, who will make their debut appearance during the 10th anniversary celebration– lucky for those going this spring!


One of the areas my lil’ Ms. JG look forward to during our Disneyland trip was Toy Story Land. The very idea that one of her favorite Disney movies was right in front of her made her eyes lit. Plus bonus coz Rex greeting him as we enter the land. #Selfie 80 feet above ground. I cannot believe my lil’ Ms. JG enjoyed the ride. She’s definitely not afraid of heights!

Soldiers Parachute Drop was an exhilarating ride which was the first attraction my lil’ Ms. JG rode.


Now if you’re planning on to traveling to Hong Kong this summer, go ahead and make Hong Kong Disneyland the top priority in your itinerary. Have a Happily Ever After Celebration at Hong Kong Disneyland and take advantage of their ongoing promos to celebrate their 10th anniversary!

Fairy Tale Forest Presented by Pandora

Whenever I ask my lil’ Ms. JG who her favorite Disney Princess is, she always gives me different answers every time. I guess she finds it hard to choose a favorite. So when I told her that there’s gonna be Fantasyland–an enchanted, living forest with miniature iconic scenes of Disney Princess stories namely Snow White & The Seven Dwarfs, Cinderella, The Little Mermaid, Beauty & the Beast and Tangled– she was more than eager to come back and couldn’t wait for her birthday!

HKDisneyland_Tinkerbell_FairyTaleForrest HKDisneyland_Tangled




Here’s my lil’ Ms. JG moments before she enjoyed this Mickey waffle.

Now have a happily ever after and enjoy limited complimentary meal offer at HK$ 539. When you purchase a 1-Day ticket general admission online, you get one coupon for a combo meal for FREE!


I remember we watched the sky behind the lovely castle of Sleeping Beauty lit up moments before we bid goodbye to Disneyland. This year, visitors will get to see the enhanced fireworks show & new castle projection– instead of bright lights, get to see Disney friends projected on the castle.



My kids & I are excited to get a glimpse of Disney characters from Inside Out, Finding Nemo, Big Hero 6, Cars and the more. Hopefully, I get to take a video while watching it.


Aaaah, my kids & I cannot wait to go back & make more memories with our favourite Disney characters at the happiest place on earth! If you’re planning to go to Hong Kong Disneyland, now is the good time! There’s only one 10th anniversary celebration so go ahead and create an unforgettable summer with your family at Hong Kong Disneyland.

For more information visit www.hongkongdisneyland.com/10th.



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