Go For Sakto, Sulit & Safe In The Kitchen

Living in a condominium prompted me to prioritize the safety of my family. I don’t compromise on it and thankfully, my building has standards that as a unit owner, we strictly follow. Aside from safety being my foremost concern, I also make sure that I meet the needs of my family. I may not be always at home with my children because aside from being a stay at home mom and a homemaker, I also juggle being a blogger and a small business owner, but this doesn’t mean that my responsibility at home is forgotten.

One of the things I love doing for my family is cooking meals for them. I may not be a great cook but I like being in the kitchen. For me, nothing beats seeing my family enjoy the food I cook. Cooking for them is also my way of showing how much I love them because I cannot show my love for them by entertaining them with a song and dance number because I am not gifted in that department. Heehee.

I often get asked by fellow moms on tips when it comes to the kitchen. I have already answered some of them and you can search for these answers by typing in FOOD on the search bar hovered on the upper right side of this page. But if you were to ask me now for some immediate and easy tips when it comes to preparing meals for my family, I’ll give you the three-S that I consider whenever I work in my own kitchen.


Having two young children, knowing what to cook is my number one tip for all the homemakers and momma chefs. Our household is used to having enough food for a family of four. Since my kids don’t eat as much as me and our one and only yaya, I make sure I only prepare sakto meals for us, especially for breakfast and lunch since Mr. JG only eats dinner at home. Sakto means just right in english. As a mom, in order for me to be efficient in the kitchen, I make sure that I have just the right amount and ingredients I need to prepare a comforting dish for my family. I cannot really overstock on food else they’ll just go bad in storage and food will be wasted.

Fresh produce to provide the right nutrients for me and my family. I make sure I choose the best out of the bunch, always.


I like reinventing dishes and fully utilizing the ingredients I have in my pantry. Left overs don’t get left behind in the refrigerator for so long because I make sure that the food I prepare is sakto. If ever it isn’t, I create a new dish from it. I like making the most out of things and this is where being sulit comes in. Sulit means worth it in english. Like most moms, I find joy whenever I reinvent or recreate dishes using left over food not only because I limit food waste but I also get to my money’s worth and won’t have to prepare a dish again from scratch.

My sautéed broccoli & carrots on butter was reinvited as fried rice toppings for the next day. It was a hit and my kids loved it. Sulit na sulit lang! 


Last and definitely the most important kitchen tip is all about being safe. I use products that are safe not only for me but also for my kids. I make sure I have BPA-free containers to store food and water, as well as kitchen tools that can help me prepare meals fast yet are safe to use regularly. Safety is really a big deal in my home. Given that I have two little children who love being in the kitchen as much as I do. They know their way around and they even help me cook sometimes. So I make sure that everything their hands can reach won’t cause them any harm especially our stove top oven. One thing only comes to mind whenever I cook for my family and that is to make sure our gas operated stove is running smoothly.

And because I don’t settle for anything less, I only choose what’s best & for years, I’ve trusted Petron Gasul as my partner in helping me be a mom-cook for my family. It has given me peace of mind and security for the past years. Their being in the industry for more than 50 years has proven, time and again, that it is the most tested and trusted brand out there.

Petron Gasul’s true blue flame lets me cook faster and its safety seal has been tested through the years. I’ve also experienced a few times how efficient their delivery service is especially during sudden moments when I run out of gas. A quick dial to their hotline (02- 737-8000) and a new cylinder is delivered & installed at my home within a reasonable time. With Petron Gasul, there is comfort in knowing that each gasul delivered is sakto, sulit and safe.

Sakto, promising correct and accurate weight for every cylinder.

Sulit, emitting true blue flame for faster and economical cooking.

Safe, ensuring leak-free, laser-printed seal product.

Did you know that you get P10 savings with every Petron Gasul 11kg refill?

PetronRewardsSimply present your Petron Value Card at participationg Petron Gasul stores. Also, if you’re a mom-driver like me, you can purchase Petron Gasul 11 kg at participating Petron stations and earn Petron Value Card Points. More reason to use Petron Gasul di ba? Ay lavett!

It’s one thing to worry about the safety of my kids outside home and it’s another to worry about their safety in the comforts of our home. With Petron Gasul, I’m not much of a worry rat at home because I know I’ve trusted a brand that delivers sakto, sulit and safe to me and my family.

So go ahead and purchase the trusted Petron Gasul and try your hand at the BEST recipes and collect the kitchen tips that are regularly posted on the official Petron Gasul Facebook page.


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