Giveaway Alert: Be My Chosen Commenter Of The Month

Hello everyone! Hello 1st of October. Wait, what happened September? You went by so fast we’re inching towards Christmas already!

Too much has been happening to me, particularly in the motherhood department. As you all know, my darling Juro has just turned a month old. I am still in the adjustment phase, dealing with a toddler and a newborn is quite challenging and so is breastfeeding!

But enough about me and my mommyhood misadventures. I know most of you have picked up a tip or two from this blog through my stories, reviews, raves and whatnots. This time around I would really like to learn from you my readers, followers and the suitable term online friendships (yes, friendships talaga hindi friends LOL) so as another way of igniting senseless or meaningful conversations I’m holding a giveaway, Unilab has generously offered this month’s prize.

Ang taray lang every month may giveaway! I am always thankful that I have generous sponsors who’ve always loved gracing and being part of this blog.

It’s easy actually. I just want to get your opinions, feedback and even just a hi or hello. Although it’s so very tempting to ask you my readers or those who are fond of joining my giveaways to comment as many as you can on whatever blog posts I have, I just find it irrelevant if you do not honestly read and follow this blog. What a waste of time and effort is that on your part?

The mechanics is easy. You can choose to follow my social media accounts such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram but it is not mandatory. All you have to do is leave a comment in any of my blog post for the month of October! Yes, that easy. I shall randomly choose the winner who will receive these Unilab goodies:

Skin Cravings
Myra Face Powder

Celeteque Cleansing Oil

Facial Wipes

pH Care Wipes/bottle

Worth over P1,000

All comments will be moderated by yours truly, please use the DISQUS comment box so I can monitor and check your profile, (for your name and email address) and can contact you if you are the chosen one.

Giveaway is open to all Philippine residents only as Unilab will ship the items.

Only comments from October 1 to October 31, 2012 will be valid.

That easy.

I hope to really interact with you all, looking forward to it!

Happy 1st of October everyone!


I will be randomly choosing a commenter every month and will win different kinds of goodies (depending on my friends who are so generous to share with us all their products). To be fair there isn’t any mechanics to this. It wouldn’t matter how many times you comment and how often, what matters is the interaction and time you make in visiting my blog. Although you would have to Like Go! Jackie Go on Facebook and follow me on Twitter since I will announce the name of the winner/s on both social media sites. I will also be posting the prize/s of my monthly giveaway on my Instagram so if you can also follow me there that would be awesomsauce! Thank you and happy chatting with you all!



  1. Eds Ramos says

    wow! this is one great giveaway. hope i could win again…

    btw, i love the GC’s. thank you soooo much!

    happy first month birthday to your little boy, Juro. u look sooo pretty sa pix mo with your hubby & baby Juro (pix in the DR)

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