Food Find: Japanese Wagyu Cubes

I like food & I like eating. I’m not really the type who’s very conscious of her diet–thus I am having a hard time trying to eat healthy–so trying something new is always a welcome thought for me especially when it comes to food.

I don’t call myself a foodie but I like trying new dishes and just recently, I discovered these Japanese Wagyu Cubes.

The Facebook group I’m in that posts businesses and products for sale posted this one fine day. Being the curious cow that I am, I messaged the seller inquiring about it. Days later, I got myself a pack of Japanese Wagyu Cubes to try.

I like no-fuss dishes and this Japanese Wagyu Cubes has been the top of mind for easy to whip up dish ever since I discovered it! So easy to prepare and cook. Total time for it less than 30 minutes!



Leave wagyu at room temperature for about 30mins.

Add salt and lots of pepper.

Put pan on high heat, do NOT add oil. You can also grill it.

Pan fry/grill until meat turns brown (usually it take 3-5 minutes per side)

Serve and enjoy while hot!


I specifically add Zin Garlic & Chili Salt to my Japanese Wagyu Cubes. It gives a hint of spiciness to it. Yum!


Mr. JG likes his beef medium rare while I like it well done but the Japanese Wagyu Cubes is perfect when cooked medium rare. Tender, meaty goodness in every bite! I’ve been ordering from Emily since I discovered it. On days when I feel super lazy to prepare meals, I pan fry these babies & dinner is served. Heehee.


Wagyu Japanese Cubes comes in 500g and 1kg packs (with minimum order, get free delivery).

For orders you can contact Emily Carlos at 0917-8010343. 😉 

You’re welcome & enjoy!



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