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With all the toys that are available in the market, it’s pretty hard for parents like me to decipher which ones my children really like. Like most kids, my lil’ JGs get excited whenever they’re at a toy store. My lil’ Mr. JG in particular would run around and scout aisle after aisle for toys that caught his eyes. He would play for it for a few seconds but once he’s done tinkering with it he’ll just walk away and move on to another toy. This is partly the reason why we find it hard to gift my kids toys because if it’s not something that would engage their curiosity or dismiss their disinterest, they’ll be done playing with it after a day.

Now when it comes to educational toys, I always had this notion that, well, they’re more educational than fun. And this kind of toy might not be ideal for the attention span that my lil’ Mr. JG has. But just recently, my assumption was put to a stop after discovering these educational fun toys from Fatty Brain Toys.


Fatty Brain Toys, Inc., is the exclusive distributor of educational toys in the Philippines. The company began when a couple thought of selling educational toys to the competitive baby boom market. Our goal is to provide quality educational toys that not only stimulate the brain but also provide enjoyment and interaction. Great variety of quality educational toys that promotes a child’s intellectual, emotional & physical development. Most of our products are unique Award-Winning toys that entices children to think, learn the fun way and be smarter.

Here are some of the toys Fatty Brain Toys currently offer.


Moonscope Php 3,699

Magnify the night sky up to 90x and see amazing things such as mountains on the moon and Saturn’s rings. Comes with two all-glass eyepieces, lens cap, tripod with built-in red LED light, special moon filter for scoping in the dark, and 22-page journal full of awesome astronomy activities.


Freeze Up Php 1,449

Adults and kids will enjoy this fast-paced electronic category game. As the clock ticks down, players compete to come up with words that start with specified letters in 170+ different categories, such as: “Name something found at a picnic, letter A” or “Name a snack, letter P,” and so on. This sounds easy, but it’s amazing how tongue-tied you can get when the pressure is on.  It’s a great toy therapy for exercising the mind.


Kidnoculars Php 1,199

The only binoculars designed specifically for little kids! Enlarged focus-free eyepieces-more than three times the size of ordinary binoculars-and perfect-fit goggles with placement guide enable kids (even toddlers) to see up close!


Mighty Mind Puzzle Math Php 899

Puzzle Math has enabled children to understand what numbers really are and how they can be combined and manipulated to form desired combinations.  This unique first number game uses colorful puzzles to self-correct each child’s calculations.  A missed calculation is instantly shown because the puzzles will immediately reflect the mistake.  Ages 3-8.

Mighty Mind – Makes Kids Smarter  Php 799

Winner of Parents’ Choice Honor Toy, cited by child development experts. Has 32 colorful design shapes, neatly contained in a storage tray with numbered programmed puzzle cards. Encourages and entices a child to think, build complex designs, and solve puzzles without assistance. Builds confidence.  Age 3-8


Hot Dots Jr. Princess Fairy Tales Php 1,399

Four fairy tales featuring princesses, every little girl’s favorite. Tales made interactive with new Magical Talking Wand. Retellings of classic princess stories including: Rapunzel, The Princess and the Pea,The Frog Prince, and The Twelve Dancing Princesses. Encourages parent-child interaction with rich, engaging stories children will want to read again and again. Develops early learning skills important for school success. Ages 3-6.


Design and Drill Php 2,799                       

Builds coordination, imagination, creative thinking and fine motor skills.  Children love using the Design and Drill Activity Center to create their own designs, or following the set’s activity cards to make pictures and patterns, from trains and boats to flowers and fish.

My kids willingly put two toys to test (as if playing with toys is difficult?!) and gave their thoughts and honest opinion about it.


My lil’ Ms. JG is persistently practising her reading. So she was ecstatic to try Hot Dots Jr. Princess Fairy Tales.

Here’s how our conversation went.

ME: What do you think about Hot Dots Jr. Princess Fairy Tales?

LIL’ MS: The box actually caught my attention! It’s pink perfect for girls!

ME: It sure is! Go ahead and open it!

So after a few minutes of inspecting, tinkering and playing with it, here’s her quick review about Hot Dogs Jr. Princess Fairy Tales.

I like how there are four different books included. I won’t get bored re-reading the stories because I can choose one each day. The wand is pretty and the crown (jewel?) lights whenever I choose the correct answer which is pretty cool!


ME: How do you find reading the book?

LIL’ MS: It’s a little bit challenging but I try to read it. I don’t have a hard time reading the words compared to the other books I have which uses long words (difficult ones to pronounce).


I know my lil’ Ms. JG dislikes practing reading but I was surprised to see her very determined to learn new words from the books included in her Hot Dots Jr. Princess Fairy Tales set.

Now it’s lil’ Mr. JG’s turn to give his thoughts on the Design & Drill set.


At an early age, my lil’ Mr. JG showed good dexterity. He could hold his bottle when he was about 5 months old and can tinkering with small things effortlessly.


ME: Can you tell me more about your new toy?

LIL’ MR: It’s a toy that lets me put different colors of screws and make a pattern out of it.

ME: Wow! That sounds fun!

LIL’ MR: It is!

Design & Drill lets your child copy the patterns & stimulate their imagination for they can create their own pattern.

My lil’ Mr. JG particularly loves it because he said he feels all grown up!

LIL’ MR: Remember daddy has this toy? (referring to the drill gun)

ME: Yes! He uses it to build and fix thigns

LIL’ MR: I’m also building and making things! Look, mom!

Seldom do my kids get giddy over toys, and educational at that, so I took the opportunity to watch them play with their newest toys and have picked up a few observations.

I see that they…

-Follow the rules.

-Learn to share.

-Manage to take turns

-Use critical thinking

-Get creative

-Unleash their imagination

-Unknowingly learn while they enjoy

Really if you must buy your kids toys, go for educational fun ones like these from Fatty Brain Toys.


Available at select Rustans Shangri-La, Makati and Alabang; Tiy Kingdom Megamall, SM Aura and North EDSA. Mighty Mind items are available at Hobbes & Landes stores. You can also order online thru their website or Facebook page listed below.

Contact numbers: 09178820130, (02)9756834
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