Easy Leafy

Aside from jumpsuits, rompers have garnered a space in my closet. They have given me enough reason to like them. They’re more casual and comfy looking than my first love – jumpsuit – yet I find them easy to dress down and dress up.

Here’s a look at my first and favorite romper. It’s such a lovely piece that every time I wear it, I get queries as to where I got it.

H&MRomper_JackieGoThe print and the cut really caught my eye. The moment I spotted it on the window display worn by the mannequin, I knew I had to get my hands on it.

H&MRomper_JackieGo_3 I’m suddenly missing my red hair!

H&MRomper_JackieGo_4There’s nothing really much to say about this #OOTD, save for the fact that it’s a lovely piece as is. No need  for any accessories. While it can flatter one’s behind, it can flatten naman one’s chest. Heehee.


H&MRomper_JackieGo_6Sabi nga ni Audrey Hepburn, “I believe laughing is the best calorie burner”. I couldn’t agree more!


I’d like to thank Eliza Santiago for doing my make up and to Louie Arcilla for taking these lovely photos.

H&MRomper_JackieGo_9Parang pwede din sya pang Halloween costume as Poison Ivy or Jane of the Jungle? Heehee.





H&MRomper_JackieGo_10The only thing I dislike about wearing this romper is that in constrains me from eating a lot, like buffet kind of a lot! Which was ironically what I did. Yes, I #eatlikeaviking and it was too late when I realized I looked like I’m three months pregnant after. Heehee. Also, the baby fat in my armpits are so obvious and it’s really a challenge to go to the bathroom! 😀 Pero since I like it, eh tiis-ganda na lang talaga.H&MRomper_JackieGo_1

H&MRomper_JackieGo_15Wearing AirOptix contact lens in this photo. Notice how contact lens can make your eyes more dramatic, if not more defined? I love how light it is on my eyes. I didn’t even realize I was wearing one, until I removed my make up. H&MRomper_JackieGo_12Romper, H&M

Make up, Eliza Santiago

Photography, Louie Arcilla

Shot on location, Baron 3 Gardens