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Summer Duo

Summe Duo Splash

Ilang tulog na lang, summer na! I can't believe February is closing and March is just a few sleeps away. We're almost done with 2015's first quarter! Anyare? 2015, I think you're waaaaay more faster and aggressive than 2014. Anyway, during Pope Francis' visit in Manila, we had the chance to go on a 5-day getaway with our friends. I shall chika that next week on the blog. For now, here's the OOTD of lil' Ms. GJG & I during our wonderful vacation at what looked like Mykonos. Summer ready oh ... [ Read More ]



While marsala is this year's pantone color, green naman is one of the two lucky colors for the Lunar New Year. Red has started to grow on me ever since I became a red head and green, well it will always be my favorite color. Ironically, I don't own any green piece in my closet, save for some intimate apparel & swim suit. I guess now is a good time to slowly invest and inject green in my style no? To welcome the Chinese New Year, here's a look that I currently love. This controversial ... [ Read More ]

Street Sweat


Remember my old post about this pyjama looking pants I got from H&M? As promised, I'm featuring it again and this time I styled it differently. I'm not really a fan of anything loose especially when it comes to bottoms because I don't think I can pull it off- that relaxed fit always looks weird on me. Also, whenever I wear something like this, Mr. GJG, who is brutally honest, would state how unflattering it looks on me. But this one garnered an approval from him. So push. Shempre black, ... [ Read More ]

Shop Thrift Market

Shop Thrift Market Site

I discovered another online store that sells chic clothes at bargain prices! Everyone, I'd like to introduce you to Shop Thrift Market. Shop Thrift market offers a wide variety of ready to wear fashion for women. They aim to promote inspirational fashion at very affordable prices. With more than ten years in the retail business, the company behind Thrift Market (Premiere Global Lifestyle Trading Corp.) decided its time to go online and offer RTW products that are of good quality and ... [ Read More ]

Couch Potato


I can't remember the last time I was a couch potato. Lounging in my usual house body outfit- no, I don't wear sweat pants, more like an old dress or shorts & shirts that are too frail, spitting on them is likely to cause the cloth to rip apart heehee, eating junk food and indulging in my favorite TV series or book. I miss lounging, doing nothing else but just enjoy and relax. These days the only time out I get are bathroom breaks and pockets of moments when the lil' GJGs are taking their ... [ Read More ]