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Melissa Mini Me: Shoes For Your Princess


One of my favorite shoe brands, Melissa launched their kids collection and of course my shoe lover lil' Ms. GJG was ecstatic to go. So right after school, we went to Geleai in Shangri La Mall to take part in Melissa's Mini Me Halloween Party. Spot the cutie mini Melissas as part of the table setting. No party is complete without a candy buffet. Melissa lover Daphne Oseña-Paez with her mini me Stella, who as seen in the photo, sure knows how to pose. The fun activities Melissa had ... [ Read More ]

Two Ways To Dress A Boyfriend


 This is not a post on how you can convert your jowa into a hipster. By boyfriend, I mean boyfriend jeans. The IT jeans of the year where everybody wants to look like they've borrowed their boyfriend's pair of jeans. I do understand that fashion evolves and style is something we can learn to adapt to depending on our personality. I'm a shirt-jeans kind of girl growing up but as I became more in tune with my style, I've slowly converted into a girly girl kinda gal. Tomboy style isn't really my ... [ Read More ]

Floral & Lace


This skirt kinda girl took a break from wearing skirts as my legs displayed red patches due to skin allergies. I blame the weather, the water and whatever (hormones? food? allergens I'm not aware of?) it is that's causing my skin to go crazy. While my legs are better now, a few weeks not being to wear my favorite dress or skirt made me miss it. So here's an outfit post that's about two of my favorite pieces: flowy top & skirt. While I'm drawn to white, black and gray, I find cream and light ... [ Read More ]

Complex Lifestyle Store


Lil' Mr. GJG doesn't have much shoes. I figured, boys need only a few pairs 'coz their style DNA is basic. So I find looking for my little man's shoes challenging because for me, they all look the same. Di ba? Unlike with lil' Ms. GJG, I feel like the choices are endless. So while malling and in search for lil' Mr. GJG's shoes, I stumbled upon Complex Lifestyle Store. Complex Lifestyle Store houses a carefully curated collection of footwear, apparel, eyewear and timepieces. So many shoes ... [ Read More ]

Conquer The World With Melissa

Will Travel For Shoes_1

The ultimate non-negotiable when traveling is comfort. The idea of being away from home and what you're used to can be quite unsettling. So the least you can do when traversing around the world is to look your best and be comfortable in what you're wearing. Here's an outfit that's so comfy, it's perfect for traveling. Go for a no-fuss look when traveling. I personally don't like accessorising as it can be a hassle to remove them during airport check points. As much as possible, go neutral ... [ Read More ]