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Rainy Day OOTD For Your Lil’ Ones


Rainy days are upon us. While it's easy to stay indoors and wrap our little ones with blankets to warm them, we must not forget to dress them accordingly, especially when we're out and about on a rainy day. It's not enough that what they're wearing is cute or makes them look cute. It also has to give them protection from the rain or the cold. But why choose between stylish and functional when you can have both? Here's how my lil' GJGs dress up on a cold, rainy day. Rain ready and ... [ Read More ]

Bag Brand Alert: Hervé Chapelier Paris


Check the Instagram accounts of popular and stylish personalities and you'll see how they oftentimes opt for the simple arm candy bags, designer or not.  Most of these trend setters opt for good silhouettes and eye catching textures & patterns over screaming brand logos. Is this just a trend or have monogrammed bags become so 2000-and-late? This I can relate to. I find myself tucking away my monogrammed totes and bags at the back of my closet. As I choose to use bags that are simple yet ... [ Read More ]

Modest In Midi


 The midi skirt trend has gotten me.  I once wasn't a fan of this alanganing (uncertain length) skirt as I prefer short skirts because they look more chic and girly. Now I find myself liking midi-skirts because they're pretty comfy to wear and they make me look all girly without worrying of having a Manilyn Monroe moment while walking around the metro. There are so many ways to wear a midi-skirt and I have a few more ideas on what to pair it with which hopefully I can shoot and share next time. ... [ Read More ]

On The Go With Memo


People who know me can attest to how much I like owls. Even the people I've become friends with online would tag me whenever they see anything owl. My lil' GJGs would make an effort to draw an owl for me and would even point out that it is my favorite animal. There's something about owls that I connect with. Perhaps their big eyes which somewhat resembles mine, or their being nocturnal? Or maybe it's their stillness and silent confidence?Either way, I love them! Recently, Memo launched their ... [ Read More ]

Dare To Denim At SM Ladies Night


The second to the last SM Ladies Night happened last June 17, 2015. As usual, it was a fun night for the ladies who love fashion and style as most SM Woman and GTW by SM were at 50% off! Of course I didn't miss out on this great deal especially since it was held at SM Megamall, which is one of my favorite malls.  A quick fashion show showcased the latest from SM Woman and GTW by SM. Aaaah, I love everything! The black and white ensemble is so me. Sige na, take my money SM Woman! The wild ... [ Read More ]