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Plain Sight


The movement against fashion  coined as Normcore, (normal + hardcore) where blending in is trendy has become the in thing to wear. I can't fully grasp the idea of normcore because really, how hardcore can normal be? But seeing pegs & images of how this new term is portrayed by fashion enthusiasts, stylists and even fashion icons, I'm becoming more aware of how plain jane it can be. I'm beginning to understand that it plays on neutral tones, with a hint of tomboy style. Bermuda shorts, ... [ Read More ]

Just A Little Sparkle


Rainy days take away the brilliance in almost everything. While the gloomy weather is a valid excuse to dress snuggly and comfortably in our lounge pants & sweat shirts, I feel like its the perfect time to dress up and beat the unwelcoming feels that cast like a dark cloud on what could've been a beautiful sunny day. Being stuck at home last week for four days due to Typhoon Glenda (Rammasun) gave me cabin fever. So I decided the next time I was out for a day, I'm out with just a little ... [ Read More ]

Totes Amazeballs: Vovarova Totes


We all know that as women, we are guilty of stuffing everything and anything that we think we need inside our bags. Aminin! I know it's not just me, it's not just you, it's who we are ladies! Wallet, mobile phone, gadgets, power bank, make up kit, sanitary wipes, tissue, alcohol, mint, a small notepad & pen, shades and glasses. These are some of the things that are staple in our bags. If you're a mom like me, this would mean additional necessities are expected inside your bag and you're ... [ Read More ]

Take It Easy


Yesterday was one of the most terrifying moments I've encountered with a typhoon. The only disadvantage living in a condominium is when a storm hits, you feel like you're caught right in the middle of it. We clearly heard the howling of the wind while it continuously banged the glass windows and door of our apartment. Kinda like those scenes from a horror movie where its a scary stormy night. Anxiety attacked kicked in when a transformer from across the street exploded, a big bang sent flashing ... [ Read More ]

Pixi By Petra Latest Products From GlamourBox


A Glamourbox arrived in the mail over the weekend. Good thing I was home so I managed to immediately tinker with it. To my delight, it was a lovely surprise to see the box filled with Pixi by Petra goodies! This isn't my first encounter with Pixi by Petra products, I actually wrote about it before and you can read all about it HERE. Pixi Flawless Beauty Primer Php 1,430 A radiant face always looks youthful and healthy! Capture that natural glow from within with this beauty primer loaded ... [ Read More ]