Itsie Bitsie Boutique: A Haven Of All Things Chic


"Opium den of the hopelessly fashionable" is what Harper’s Bazaar Singapore dubbed Itsie Bitsie boutique. The chic boutique located at Joya Lofts and Towers, just right across Powerplant Mall, Rockwell is all about resort wear. Their house selection focuses on resort collections, Spring-Summer fashion, holiday wear, swimwear and après-sun ensembles. Itsie Bitsie definitely fills the need of stylish and chic women suited for tropical climate like the Philippines. My first visit at Itsie ... [ Read More ]

Fuel Your Style With GAS Jeans


Knits and whites are two of the clothes I am a bit apprehensive to wear as I tend to feel "bigger" wearing either one of them. But when I got this white knit top a few weeks ago, my perception towards knits and whites have changed. I seldom wear anything white or at least white alone. If you notice, I always layer my basic white tank top with something that helps me achieve a more flattering look. While I prefer knits during the cold season, as its such a piece that can induce the snuggle cuddle ... [ Read More ]

Pom Poms


Here's a cute and adorable outfit of my lil' Ms. GJG that exudes a summery boho-chic vibe. This stunning vest is something she's been raving about. So much so that she doesn't want to take it off! I don't blame her though, something pretty like this deserves to be worn a lot! Who says layering isn't possible during summer? My lil' Ms. GJG shows us that it is and its fun! Spruce up an outfit with a key piece such as this vest. It makes the look distinctive and fun don't you ... [ Read More ]

Let’s Go For A Picnic


Summeeeeerrrr. The scorching heat prompts me to wear light fabrics and anything short. But sometimes, I find wearing just a plain tank top and shorts too casual even for a trip to the mall. Recently, I've learned to love kimonos instead of cardigans (wearing one is a no-no during summer). Kimonos have been currently favorite piece to achieve that layered look. I'd like to think they've become a must in every woman's wardrobe. You know, I never really thought I'd like kimonos, for the longest ... [ Read More ]