Style Series: Shorts


For the second style series, we give attention to shorts. Denim, colored, cut off, short shorts, bermuda shorts and every other kind. I, personally like wearing shorts most of time, if not, on a daily basis. And because it's part of the style series, of course its a staple piece in one's wardrobe. Unless you really dislike wearing one. For me, denim shorts is as staple as a WBD shirt. I like wearing shorts, like dresses, I can live in them. But sometimes wearing them with a shirt or a tank top ... [ Read More ]

Style Series: The White Button Down Shirt


Hello everyone! I'm starting a style series together with Kelly of The Traveling Boots where we'll share and highlight some key pieces that we believe every woman (and man) should own. As essential as these key pieces are, they shouldn't be limitedly worn. As you know, fashion and style vary depending on each individual. Some like to wear these key pieces according to how its supposed to be worn. While a few brave souls would dare fashion and experiment by incorporating their own style to it. I ... [ Read More ]

Itsie Bitsie Boutique: A Haven Of All Things Chic


"Opium den of the hopelessly fashionable" is what Harper’s Bazaar Singapore dubbed Itsie Bitsie boutique. The chic boutique located at Joya Lofts and Towers, just right across Powerplant Mall, Rockwell is all about resort wear. Their house selection focuses on resort collections, Spring-Summer fashion, holiday wear, swimwear and après-sun ensembles. Itsie Bitsie definitely fills the need of stylish and chic women suited for tropical climate like the Philippines. My first visit at Itsie ... [ Read More ]

Fuel Your Style With GAS Jeans


Knits and whites are two of the clothes I am a bit apprehensive to wear as I tend to feel "bigger" wearing either one of them. But when I got this white knit top a few weeks ago, my perception towards knits and whites have changed. I seldom wear anything white or at least white alone. If you notice, I always layer my basic white tank top with something that helps me achieve a more flattering look. While I prefer knits during the cold season, as its such a piece that can induce the snuggle cuddle ... [ Read More ]