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Minimized Monochorome


All I want to wear lately are the colors black, white and okay fine, some grey. Why? I don't know. I'm drawn to these cool, easy, no fuss, muted colors all because they're simple, clean and understated. They reveal a charming vintage appeal despite their modern cuts and style. Maybe this is the reason why I love these colors. They make effortless dressing easy yet chic. I balanced this look with just one accessory, maintaining focus on the key pieces which are the clothes. My fascination ... [ Read More ]

Kid Styles For Rainy Days


Rainy days are here again. The wet season not only brings cool breeze but also a certain gloom that affects not only our mood but also the way we dress ourselves and our children. While the usual raincoat, umbrella and gumboots are essential wet wears for our little fashionistas, a hint of chicness goes a long way. As a parenting nerd, I am challenged to raise the bar a little bit higher especially when it comes to one of the things I'm passionate about- style. I'm sure you all know by now ... [ Read More ]

Missing Summer


Just like the bipolar weather, there are some days that I enjoy the cold air the wet weather brings. But sometimes, I miss summer. The feeling of basking under the sun on a hot sunny day is something I oftentimes think about every time there's a downpour. To miss something is to learn how to appreciate it when it is present. Most of the time, we only remember something truly because we miss it. So I wore something floral and bright in memory of summer. I'm not really into trendy florals but ... [ Read More ]

Plain Sight


The movement against fashion  coined as Normcore, (normal + hardcore) where blending in is trendy has become the in thing to wear. I can't fully grasp the idea of normcore because really, how hardcore can normal be? But seeing pegs & images of how this new term is portrayed by fashion enthusiasts, stylists and even fashion icons, I'm becoming more aware of how plain jane it can be. I'm beginning to understand that it plays on neutral tones, with a hint of tomboy style. Bermuda shorts, ... [ Read More ]

Just A Little Sparkle


Rainy days take away the brilliance in almost everything. While the gloomy weather is a valid excuse to dress snuggly and comfortably in our lounge pants & sweat shirts, I feel like its the perfect time to dress up and beat the unwelcoming feels that cast like a dark cloud on what could've been a beautiful sunny day. Being stuck at home last week for four days due to Typhoon Glenda (Rammasun) gave me cabin fever. So I decided the next time I was out for a day, I'm out with just a little ... [ Read More ]