Brow Game Strong With Benefit Cosmetics

A few weeks back, Benefit threw a magical party in honor of their newest brow products which are bound to hit the shelves in two months time. Yes, two more months ladies! I know, I know. It was really hard for all of the guests that night to keep mum about it especially after we tried the products ourselves. Let me tell you, the products are worth waiting for!




No Benefit bash is ever complete without these hunks.


Revel at The Palace was adorned with all things Benefit–pink, pretty & witty!

Host Bianca Valerio channeled her inner magician. Fierce pa din!


Before the program started, these Beneboys roamed around asking everyone to pick a card to play truth or dare. What’s my card? It’s a DARE.


Of all the dares I could have picked, alcohol had to be it?!


4 Benefit shots for me to take! If you follow me on Snapchat you’ve seen how I drank it all–without reservations! Hahaha!


The Titas were out for Benefit! Here I was with Nikki of Ask Me Whats and Sab of The Makeup Maven.


This Cheekathon is everything! It’s got five of Benefit’s best selling blush and lucky for me, this photo garnered me to take home my very own Cheekathon. Woot! woot!


One of the highlights of the night was Jared Bailey, Global Brow Expert of Benefit Cosmetics, popping out of the big top hat! So surprised to see him again. Love how I captured him all-smiles!

Shortly after he surprised everyone with his presence, he surprised everyone by introducing the latest Benefit brow products.


A handful of brow products to address everyone’s brow dilemmas. There’s a brow set, brow primer, waterproof brow pencil, brow highlighter, brow gel, another brow pencil, and a brow shaping kit!


As if having a handful of brow products isn’t enough, each one comes in six different shades. No excuse now not to get the perfect brow color! Ay laveeeeet!


Because I was too excited to try the products, these are the only photos I got. I think I lack one or two more. Click each photo to take a closer look.


This browsessed girl can’t wait for July!


After the overwhelming launch, we continued the fun at the Palace Pool Club as Jared and the rest of the Benefit girls capped the night with more food & drink.


Congratulations again Benefit Philippines for another successful launch! We are all excited for the new brow products to hit Benefit stores this July 2016!


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