Bonchon Crunchy Garlic

Give me chicken and I’ll love your forever! Hahaha. Wait, it’s no joke but there’s a catch – it has to be good and delicious. My tummy always gets excited whenever I know there’s a new chicken in town. Exactly what happened when I learned there’s something new with BonChon Chicken.

The new BonChon Crunchy Garlic. It had me at garlic!

I am a self confessed garlic lover. I buy this bottled crunchy garlic bits in the supermarket and just sprinkle it on almost all the meals I eat just because everything tastes better with it. Just like how I add chilli flakes or chilli oil to almost anything. 😀

So off I went with lil’ Ms. JG to BonChon to try their latest offering and to judge if it’s really good.


 My BonChon Crunchy Garlic meal and my date’s BonChon Crispy Fish. I remember when lil’ Ms. JG was about 2 years old, she used to call this “the yummy crunchy fish” because that’s basically what it is. We obviously like BonChon, apart from having our weekly date there, we also ordered take out. 😀


Bonchon Crispy Fish, P155. It’s crispy, sweet soy based batter is what sets it apart from other battered fish fillet dish. You have to eat this while it’s still hot or else the batter won’t be as crispy anymore. This is one of my lil’ Ms. JG’s favorite food. And her favorite food isn’t meant for sharing. While it takes her incredible amount of time to finish a meal – 30 to 1 hour when she’s super laaaaazy and doesn’t like the food as much as her favourites – the Crispy Fish from BonChon is one of the few exemptions. She ate this fast and even asked for a second serving.

I honestly don’t attempt nor even bother to cook battered fish at home because I know it will only be compared to BonChon’s. So huwag ko na lang pilitin di ba? Up until I’ve managed to food hack BonChon’s Crispy Fish, we’ll just order from them na lang para (so that) everybody’s happy! 😀


 My BonChon Crunchy Garlic meal (P155) with Seoul Fried Rice (additional P20). I gotta say, the Seoul Fried Rice was good and can be eaten even without the chicken. As for the Crunchy Garlic Chicken? It was just what I expected. I love how the batter really tastes garglicbut not overpowering. I also like seeing bits and pieces of garlic sprinkled all over the chicken. It’s a great alternative to the classic soy garlic, spicy or honey citrus flavors. My verdict? I wouldn’t be raving about it if it wasn’t good. I think I’ve found my new favorite BonChon chicken variant, aside from spicy of course.

When you’re at BonChon, aside from trying the newest addition – The Crunchy Garlic Chicken, I also recommend your try their Seafood Platter and Chapchae. You can also snack on their Fish Taco or Snackwich (I like eating these while watching a movie) if you’re a bread lover like me. Okay, now I’m craving for BonChon Crunchy Garlic again. I may or may not (but I probably may, LOL) have it delivered after I’m finishing writing this post. Hihi. 😉



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