Bluer Than Blue

Here’s an outfit that’s perfect for a lazy day. It’s also very apt to wear when you’re commuting. The title of this post says it all so don’t be too surprised when all you see here is blue. ;)

Bluer Than BlueMonotone ba kamo?

Bluer Than Blue1By mixing and matching different shades of blue, you create interest instead of boredom.

Bluer Than Blue2Denim on denim. Why not? :)

Bluer Than Blue3

Bluer Than Blue4

Bluer Than Blue5I’m so in love with this Yosi Samra pair! Buttery soft leather that perfectly hugs your feet.

Thanks Kelly Medina for taking my photos! ;)


Navy blue spaghetti strap: Forever 21

Chambray top: Levi’s

Jeans: Forever 21

Leather flats: Yosi Samra

Tote: Gucci


  • jackiego

    Both! Pero lately no commute for me. More pedestrian crossing lang!