Alcohol Uses & Tips With Biogenic Alochol

I couldn’t stress enough the importance of alcohol–isopropyl and ethyl that is, but a glass of wine is also welcome heehee– and how it is a MUST for me even before I became a mom. It’s one of the most practical things I have and could not live without.



We all know that rubbing alcohol plays a major role when it comes to disinfecting. Personally, I really like using Biogenic alcohol to clean things such as:

Jewelry. Spray alcohol on a cotton cloth to clean. I’ve tried this on gold & silver jewelries but I haven’t tried it with fashion jewelry as it may tarnish.

Gadgets. Soft cloth sprayed with alcohol to clean mobile phones, laptops, camera and tablets. It’s become a habit of mine to regularly clean my gadgets and by regular I mean at least once every other day.

Kitchen appliances. Hard to clean parts of appliances such as rice cooker, griller, coffee maker, greasy stove gets cleaned with alcohol!

Candle. Dust and dirt gathered on top of your favorite scented candle? Use cotton buds and swab it with alcohol and gently dab it on the candle to lift off dirt.

Mirror & glass. Removes frost and water stains. Works for cleaning eyeglasses too!


I love using Biogenic alcohol to disinfect potty seats especially those that are in public.



Apart from being a cleaning agent & disinfectant, Biogenic alcohol can also be used to aid in health & hygiene purposes.

Sterilizer. A quick way to sterilize your beauty tools–nail pushers, tweezers, nipper. Just soak them in a bowl of Biogenic alcohol for a few minutes and dry it with cloth.

Odor removal. I’ve gotten used to lathering alcohol after preparing a meal, it helps lessen the stench of garlic on my fingers. I also spray the insoles of our shoes and let it air dry before putting them back in the shoe cabinet. The alcohol not only disinfects but also helps remove shoe odor.

Prevents sweat stains. Alcohol works as a natural antiperspirant so if you’re bothered by getting a ring around your collar, simply dab alcohol around you neck or any part of your body that produces sweat. Be careful though not to use it on broken skin or when you just had your pits waxed or shaved for it may get irritated.

Substitute to astringent. My husband has a basic skin care regimen–he only does step 1 which is to cleanse. The only product he’s used to is alcohol. He combines 1 part water and 1 part alcohol and uses it as an astringent. He has clean & clear skin so I’ve seen how this is very effective, especially for people with oily skin.

Swimmer’s ear. Don’t you hate it when you have water stuck in your ear? If this happens, put a drop of alcohol on your ear, it will help evaporate the water. It can also be used to remove ear wax– spray it on the cotton bud and add a drop of baby oil to it.

Keep pressed makeup intact. Ever dropped your pressed powder and leave it broken & cracked? Worry not! Spray with Biogenic alcohol the cracked part of your eye shadow or powder and carefully press the gap between the crack together with your fingers or a nail pusher. Let it dry for a day and see how your pressed make up is back in it’s good ol’ look which you can use without leaving crumbs of makeup all over.

Hope these alcohol hacks using Biogenic Alcohol will help you as much as it did for me. Got any other alcohol hacks? I’d love to know so please feel free to share them on the comments section below.

Biogenic alcohol is available at leading supermarkets and drug stores nationwide.


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