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I first got introduced to BioBalance last year, when they invited me to do the Vitamin D test. Even before I took the test, when Dr. Stan Chua explained the symptoms, I already had a hunch that I was Vitamin D deficient. Five months later, Biobalance invited me again to do the Comprehensive Nutrient & Metabolic Test to address some of my health concerns.

For someone who lives a pretty okay lifestyle– regularly working out and trying to eat healthy–I feel like I still have more to learn and to discover about myself & my body. Fatigue, migraine, and even adult acne are periodically evident. I always knew it has something to do with nutrition and the lack of it in my system. I’ve taken the food intolerance test prior and I also regularly check my body composition through InBody analysis at the gym to know if I’m gaining muscles or losing them but when it comes to nutrition, I am not knowledgable about it. I believe the only thing to do next best thing to do is to know if my body is absorbing enough nutrients to compensate my lifestyle & help me with my wellness goals.

This is what Nutrient Test is all about.


I filled out the client information sheet prior to popping up at BioBalance one early morning for my blood and urine extraction.


The BioBalance Comprehensive Nutrient and Metabolic Test (Nutreval) measures as many as 150 unique wellness markers including micro and macro nutrients (like vitamins, minerals, amino acids and fatty acids), metabolic markers (like neurotransmitters), gastro-intestinal bacteria and fungi (like Candida), toxic elements (like mercury), and oxidative stress markers (like glutathione and DNA attack).

BioBalance will draw blood & urine samples for the nutrient and metabolic tests which they send to Genova Diagnostics, a US-based specialised laboratory. The tests are called Measured Wellness which in essence lets you know your nutrient deficiencies and toxicities to determine what that causes imbalance in your body.

Specifically, the test measures each body’s level of:

Anti-oxidants: Vitamin A, Carotene, C, D, E, Alphalipoic Acid, CoQ10

B Complex: B1, B2, B3, B6, B7, B9, B12

Nutrient Elements: Manganese, Magnesium, Zinc, Molybdenum, Potassium, Selenium, Copper

Amino Acid Analysis: 20 Essential and Non-Essential Amino Acids

Fatty Acid Profile: Omega 3, 6, 9, Omega 6:3 ratio, Saturated and Monounsaturated

Malabsorption & Dysbiosis Markers Toxic Elements: Cadmium, Antimony, Arsenic, Mercury, Tin, Lead

Oxidative Stress Markers: Glutathione, Lipid Peroxides


I like how the nurse had very light hands and was able to draw blood samples effortlessly.


We all have a unique body which have its own requirements. Just like how you go to the tailor for that perfectly fitted suit or dress, you go to a nutrient testing laboratory for precise measurements of a supplement that is perfectly fitted for you. You can only take so much vitamins which can either be absorb or discarded by your body and taking them without knowing what you actually need may only cause more harm than good. Wouldn’t you want to know exactly what it is your body needs in order for you to supplement properly?


Based on my understanding the equation is this:

balanced diet + right nutrients = nutritional balance

When you have balanced nutrition, your body is at its optimum. It’s more efficient in producing energy and healing itself from conditions such as: allergies, anxiety, arthritis, auto-immune disease, attention and memory disorders, cancer, depression, diabetes, eczema, fatigue, fertility, headaches, heart disease, hypertension, gastro-intestinal problems, liver disease, muscle and joint pain, periodontal symptoms, wound healing and weight gain/loss.


My results were in after two weeks.


As proven, I do have Vitamin D deficiency among others (vitamin B complex, amino acids and omega 3) but prior to opening the envelope that contained my 13-page report, Dr. Stan asked me a few questions related to my lifestyle so he can further explain what’s going on with my body at a cellular level. He asked what were my major concerns, and also pried on how much sleep and water I take.

Despite the very complicated looking result, Dr. Stan did a great job in explaining to me how it works–that our cells rely on nutrients as fuel in order for it to function properly. And if there isn’t enough nutrients, that’s where certain conditions form.


Shortly after knowing what vitamins & nutrients I need, BioBalance handed me over my pre-packed customised supplements to compliment my health care protocol.


The supplements are adjusted carefully based on the results of the Comprehensive Nutrient and Metabolic Test. The nutrients included come in their bio-identical (same as what the body uses), bio-available (provide optimal levels that the body can use), and bio-active (directly usable) form.

The bespoke supplements will only include nutrients you need in order to arrive at optimal nutirent balance.  They come in one convenient packet each, as need be, for morning, noon, and night and will be delivered to you fresh monthly.


You have an option to get your supplements from BioBalance but you can also get your supplements at your preferred drug store since Biobalance will provide a prescription written by their in house doctor.


Sometimes, no matter how healthy we eat, if we don’t consume our daily nutrient needs, then it just isn’t enough. I particularly complain of fatigue which is ironic since I feel I have enough energy to workout naman. But most days, I feel like my energy is totally maxed out even before lunchtime. Despite supplementing with vitamins, eating healthy and exercising, I feel like something was amiss. So to stop the guessing game on what’s really going on internally, I took the test. Because fatigue is just one of the many symptoms of an underlying condition, at the very least is a sign of nutrient deficiency but if addressed early on, such condition can eventually conclude. It’s basically prevention over cure.

I used to pop a pill whenever a persistent migraine or allergy happens. It sucks because I rely on medications way too often. But after a month of taking my supplements, I have more energy to spare. People ask me how I do it–juggling all that’s on my plate–well aside from time management, knowing how to better take care of myself is the answer. I’m just glad I took the test because for me, having the right nutrition is essential to fully function. Now, I barely get allergic rhinitis and I feel the need to take afternoon naps. I feel more energetic and for some reason, I feel my digestion is better too.


Dr. Stan also emphasized the importance of taking enough water & getting enough sleep. Migrane, digestive concerns & bloatedness are conditions caused by dehydration. So I was instructed to drink lots of water & get enough sleep as well.

Though healthy lifestyle is also a factor,–enough rest and water intake–having the right nutrients in your body plays a major role on how it functions. I, for one was told by Dr. Stan that despite eating a balanced meal, it is not enough to supplement my daily nutrition needs. Macro nutrients: fat, protein and carbs don’t get absorbed by my body effectively because I either lack them or I lack certain nutrients (such as amino acid) that help transport and absorb other nutrients to different parts of the body. If anything, supplementing with the right nutrients my body needs is literally the thing that can help me combat fatigue. So thankful that I took the nutrient test, it’s the only piece I’ve been missing when it comes to my wellness journey. I can confidently say now that I’m on the right track when it comes to my health & wellness goal. The only thing I need to practice now is to lessen junk food intake and really drink lots of water. Huhuhuhuhuhu. I hope I can do this before I reach 40 though! 😀

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