Be Sleeping Beauty With Laneige Water Sleeping Mask

It’s a well-known fact what water and good sleep can do to one’s skin. Having enough water and sleep are proven to improve skin condition. While this might be challenging to most modern day, multi-faceted woman, having a well-rested looking skin is possible, all thanks to Laneige Water Sleeping Mask.


Last July 7, a slumber party happened at Blue Water Day Spa in Ortigas to launch the new improved formula of Laneige Water Sleeping Mask.


Of course I helped myself with these red velvet cupcake, which I assume are from Cupcake Lab.


More treats with cute slumber quotes for the guests to enjoy.


A slumber party wouldn’t be complete without milk & cookies.


 It was an afternoon of relaxation, we had a relaxing foot & back massage as we got to know what’s new with Laneige.

photo from Laneige PH


New Laneige Water Sleeping Mask improved formula boosts the skin’s purification function with Sleeptox™ while infusing the skin with moirture overnight for clear and revitalised skin the next morning, as if your skin had a good night’s sleep too. Sleeptox™ restores the skin to its optimal condition overnight by purifying and normalising skin fatigued due to daytime stress. 

Daily exposure to harmful aggressions and pollutants in the environment during the day often results in rough and lacklustre skin. Laneige believes that the key behind lively and beautiful skin is none other than “moisture”. This is something that I believe as well. Nothing like a good product that can provide moisture to one’s skin, right? The Laneige Water Sleeping Mask had me at its claim to intensively moisturise and revitalize skin. So I’ve been using it for almost two weeks now. The gel type mask is light, making it easy to apply. Although it takes a few minutes to get fully absorbed but once it dries, I barely feel anything on my face. I like how refreshed and moisturised my skin looks ever since I started using this. It took me about a week to feel how hydrated & bright my skin has become and my bumps have dramatically flattened out giving me smoother skin.

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Another product from Laneige to rave about is the new Lip Sleeping Mask. I admit, I ‘m not one who takes good care of my lips, despite the use of lipstick ever so often. They say when you are dehydrated, it shows in your lips as they tend to be dry and chapped. I am guilty as charged for I do have dry, chapped lips because I always forget to drink enough water. When lip balm just won’t cut it, try Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask. The berry scent of this lip care makes it enticing to apply. It’s Moisture Wrap™ is an exclusive Laneige technology- hyaluronic acid mineral network forms as a moisturizing film that helps locks in moisture through the night. I love the silky feel it gives upon application but what I love more is the morning after. Two weeks into using it and it has given me soft kissable lips. Yun totoo! No more dry, chapped lips. I find this surprising as I’m so used to constantly checking on my lips for signs of dryness.

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Slumber party with these ladies- Earth, Rowena, Shen & I were all smiles because we totally had a relaxing time during the launch. Thank you so much Laneige Philippines for having us!


I feel like Sleeping Beauty with Laneige. 😀

Our skin’s purification system works most actively at night when we are asleep to restore our skin’s condition, as such the skincare product that we apply the night before can determine our skin condition in the morning. This is why Laneige believes in the power of sleeping care. The relationship between sleep & skin is relative but now, we can achieve perfectly-rested skin every morning with Water Sleeping Mask.

I highly recommend Laneige Water Sleeping Mask if you want to achieve that sleeping beauty skin. You know the you-look-well-rested-coz-you-have-glowing-skin look. 😉 I think this is one product I’ll find myself hoarding because I love the effect it gives on my skin. Thanks again Laneiege Philippines for introducing me to your Sleeping Mask products.


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