Bad Romance

Here’s an outfit post that’s perfect for Valentines or even just a random date night. You know I still have a handful of outfit shots to share with you all. As you may remember, I gathered a few nice pieces from the Nivea Express Raid but the lovely clothes deserve a nice outfit shot and I’m cooking up something fierce over the coming weeks so stay tuned!

Anywaaaay, I’m sort of in a decluttering mode since January. If you can recall my Happiness Project, I’m trying to simplify by really letting go of the things (that no matter how pretty nor cheap I paid for) that I don’t really use. I’m planning to sell my pre-loved and some brand new things probably by March or when vacation starts, I’ll announce it here of course. That means, it’ll be a challenge (but exciting too) to post outfit shots with only a few key pieces of clothing (call it staple) to play around with. Okay. Let’s gp back to the outfit post.


I’m so sorry for the grainy pictures. It’s been more than two years since I got my G12 but I still keep on using the automatic setting! I guess it’s time I make time tinkering with my gadgets so I can fully maximize their potential.


This was me four months after giving birth. Yes, this was taken in December as it is obvious with the lights on the railing heehee.


I’ve got more than a handful of LBDs (little black dress) and I think a woman can’t have enough. Depending on the style, cut and form, LBDs are chic and can get you from morning to night. Accessorizing can definitely transform and change the way you wear your LBD.











Little black dress: Gifted by my sister.

Strappy sandals: Charles & Keith

Earrings: Swoon




  1. jovell alingod says

    I’ve heard that advice like a hundred times already but not sure why I keep on forgetting it! Having a handful of LBDs would really help every woman. Thanks for reminding me. Now I’ll have to make sure to remember it the next time I go shopping. And wow, you’re truly a beautiful woman, I mean 4 months after giving birth and you look that great! Beautiful 🙂

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