Another Year, A New Beginning

Today I celebrate my 27th birthday. I am not really the one who likes celebrating her own birthday, maybe when I was a kid but after I turned 18 I became indifferent. By the time I post this I might have just come home from the hospital with baby Juro. Oh I’m hoping for the best!

Looking back I have to say thatΒ being a mother is the most life-changing thing that happened in the 27 years of my existence. At 27 I am now a mother of two while most women have just started making their mark in this world. I have no regrets though, I chose family life over pursuing a career that I know I can be good at. Evidently, the traditional conservative Filipina woman in me reigned over the modern woman I can say I am today.

I am very thankful that I have a good life. I may not have experienced a conventional one while I was growing up but I managed to see the glass half full and have been doing so ever since I could remember, beneficially I spread good vibes like wild fire to everyone I interact with. Life is beautiful when you share it with the people who matter most to you whether you’re comfortably living a good life or just getting by one day at a time.

If you’ve been lurking around my blog you might assume I have a perfect life but no, it’s far from it. I don’t always get what I want, I still wish to building our dream house, I still am learning to be the best wife and mom despite being married for almost four years and a mom for almost three years. I still want to be able to prove myself that I am NOT JUST A HOMEMAKER AND A MOTHER. I guess that’s why I started this blog. As you can see it is a lifestyle blog that tackles everything I find relevant. It is something that has become part of me and part of who I am, a woman. It is a portal in which I can openly share my thoughts, feelings and ideas to people who have come to know me and to random strangers as well (creepy as it sounds).

Β In the 27 years that I’ve lived life I can say that I am 1/3 of a kid, of an adolescent and of an adult, a good combination if you ask me. πŸ˜‰

I may not have it all now but I am happy. Happy that I have a growing family that I can take care of. Happy that despite being an unglamorous SAHM most of the time that I get to see my kids grow right before my very eyes. Happy that despite not being a successful whatever-title-you-want-to-insert-here that I am a successful woman. A successful one in my own right. I have accomplished a few things that not most women have done (sending myself to school, earning and supporting myself when I was a teenager and still occasionally work in front of the camera or in recent scenarios see myself on print).

Now that I am 27 years old (still young as most would say) I could say I have lived a good quarter life and my only wish for my birthday is to have a healthy family that I can take care of for the next few decades plus of course for my blog to reach out to people and inspire them even through the little nonsense things I posts heehee.

La Vita Bella!

Thank you to everyone who greeted me today! I may not personally thank each and everyone but still, it warms my heart knowing that people remember (even though they just saw the notification on Facebook! LOL)





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  1. says

    Happy happy birthday, Jackie! Congratulations on little Juro! Such a cutie and what a big blessing from God! =) Hope to see you soon and little Juro, too =) Mwah mwah!

  2. Michelle Castro says

    Belated happy birthday! I just found your blog through bebengisms.. you’re really pretty! you look young too. πŸ™‚


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