5 Fun Summer Activities For Your #LakingAmazingKid

On the first day of summer break, my lil’ JGs have already confessed they’re bored. It’s understandable for my six year old daughter who has been a pencil pusher ever since she started school. For my three year old, it’s not new to me that he gets really bored easily and I confess that on days when I am busy, we resort to letting him use his tablet–mostly to play educational games and watch entertaining videos. To veer away from too much tech time, my kids & I came up with fun & easy activities that we can all enjoy. I’m sharing our top five favorite activities which you can do with your child this summer.

Star In A Musical


My kids love to sing and dance. Whenever they hear their favorite song or pick up a catchy tune from a show, they’d stand up and copy the moves. This gave me and idea to let them star in their own musical show! They dress up and use our living room as their stage.

Mimic Michelangelo


Art is always a good idea to keep your lil’ ones busy. While drawing and painting are two things my lil’ JGs do on a regular basis, to make it more fun, I challenged their creativity and got them modelling clays to work on –to mimic Michelangelo. I told them there is only one rule: to create whatever they imagine. After a few minutes, I was surprised to see the creations of my lil’ Mr. JG.

He created a dinosaur with its tail popped while the rest of its body in “water”. I think I have a future sculptor!

Step Outside And Be Curious


A day outdoor is always a good day especially for my kids. For them it’s always a good idea to spend some time outside so they can run around, be more curious and be silly together. Outside the comfort of our home is where they love to ask tons of questions about anything and everything that surrounds them. Stepping outside not only lets my kids forget about their gadgets, it also gives them the opportunity to hone their comprehensive skills and learn about the world.


Color The Concrete


*since I wasn’t able to take a photo of my lil’ JGs chalk art, I’m sharing with you one of their artwork on a deconstructed box instead*

Just like most kids, my lil’ JGs love doodling & being creative. They use all kinds of mediums– pen, marker, crayons, paint, and they’re newest favorite chalk! Instead of the usual chalkboard, we take it old school and color the concrete. To make it more fun and interesting, I let them choose a category of what they want to draw– transportation, food, alphabet, names, activity, basically anything that they can imagine– and have them tell me the story behind their doodles. Not only do they get to practice writing and drawing, they also get to exercise their imagination. Nothing like having their artwork on display for everyone–well, at least those passing by– to see.

Just Keep Swimming


No summer activity is complete without some water fun and swimming will always be our favorite thing to do! My water babies can swim all day, everyday! My lil’ Mr. JG in particular loves being in the water even if his hands wrinkle and the water gets cold. Since they’ve developed a love for swimming, we’re thinking of letting them do it as a sport & eventually let them train. For now, I’m just glad they love being in the water and enjoying paddling and waddling their way through summer.

With all these things my kids do, I need to make sure they get all the nutrients they need for them to fully enjoy each activity. Good thing I know they’re protected, especially my lil’ Mr. JG who is a Laking Amazing kid all thanks to Nido 3+. You see, my son used to drink fresh milk after weaning him but for some reason, he always ends up having bloated tummy and would often times complain of an upset stomach. We consulted his paediatrician and found out that he cannot digest fresh milk well so we shifted to Nido 3+. Ever since we made the switch, he’s been relieved of stomach discomfort & he’s been more happily active than ever.

Did you know that Nido 3+ and Nido 5+ have Lactobacillus Protectus that maintains the balance of good and bad bacteria in a child’s stomach which in turn strengthens his/her immune system? It’s good to know that Nido 3+ has superior protection nutrition component that is Lactobacillus Protectus to keep lil’ Mr. JG’s tummy healthy and protected. This plus Prebio® 3, a unique prebiotic fiber found in Nido 3+ helps keep the good bacteria in the tummy. No doubt that shifting to Nido 3+ made my lil’ Mr. JG’s tummy strong, letting him be as active as he can be. There’s also other essential nutrients such as DHA plus ALA, LA, Folic Acid and Taurine which play an important role in lil’ Mr. JG’s brain structure development. Aside from these, he also gets the right amount of vitamins A, B3, C, D, E and zinc which keep him healthy enough to play and explore.

My youngest is no longer a baby but he still enjoys his milk. And this I am thankful for because Nido 3+ gives me the confidence to let my lil’ guy enjoy his summer vacation ‘coz I know he’s protected from within. No more upset stomach and unwanted bloating for him. Truly Laking Nido, Protektado.

Got any fun summer activity you and your kids do? I’d love to know!



  1. says

    This post is so timely! I just switched from L***** to Nido this week since my 3 year old daughter is always complaining of her tummy ache. Like lil’ Mr JG she feels bloated and recently she’s having a hard time pooping 🙁 My mom asked me to switch milk and it was a relief for me when I checked the label and saw the Prebio 3 which is good for digestion. I checked other milk but they don’t have it so we’re trying Nido this week and I’m crossing my fingers talaga na it will help her have a better digestion para iwas constipation na din.

    • says

      Hi Steph!
      Sad to know that your daughter has the same predicament as my son. We’re so thankful that he feels so much better now & we’re glad that we made the switch.Let me know how it goes, I hope your daughter feels better. 🙂

  2. Jhake O. says

    Ang cute ni Juro sa photo na naka wig, haha! And si Gabbie, napapabilib nya talaga ako sa pag pose nya. Bata pa kita na may future sa modelling. I love looking at their photos on IG.
    I also have a daughter and she drinks Nido 3+. Napansin ko mas madalas sya humingi ng milk nun mag shift kami sa Nido. I tasted her milk at masarap nga talaga compared to her previous milk.
    My girl loves arts. She loves finger painting, painting with brush, play dough and pasting cut out drawings on paperbags (yun mga pinaglagyan ng grocery)
    Ang paborito nyang laruin ngayon yun parlor game na may hawak syang spoon with plastic eggs tapos lalakad at ilalagay sa basket. Isa pang game yun shooting balls to her tiny pail.
    Send my kisses to the kiddos!

    • says

      Hi Jhake! I also noticed the same with Juro. Lakas nya mag milk when we shifted him. 🙂 Fun activities! Will let them do the shooting din. Thanks 🙂


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