3-Minute Prayer



A religious service, an earnest hope or wish.

A solemn request for help or expression of thanks addressed to God or an object of worship.


Ever since Mr. JG & I have been together, going to church every Sunday has been our weekly devotion. I don’t think we’re worthy of being called religious but hearing mass regularly is our way of showing our faith–believing that there is a higher being, our God that is responsible for of all creation–and our weekly date with the Lord.

During one of the Sunday masses at our local parish, the presiding priest caught my undivided attention because he was different than most priests. He touched on that day’s reading and proceeded to talk more about today’s fast-paced life. He gave a short yet very memorable homily, focusing on how one should find time to pray.

The priest said that most of the time, people forget to pray because there’s a lot going on in their lives. I suddenly felt a pang of guilt as he went on with his homily. Instead of going on and on about how changing times make most of us forget about spending a few minutes talking to the Lord, he instead shared how one only needs 3-minutes a day to pray.


Devote the first minute thanking God for the highs of your day.

Devote the second minute thanking God for the lows of your day.

Devote the last minute thanking God for what’s about to come tomorrow.


There’s always something to be thankful for. Usually, for most of us it’s the highs in our lives. Your job, a new car, a new house, a promotion, passing an exam, traveling safely, etc. It could be something as big and life changing but it can also be as simple as: waking up another day, witnessing the sunrise, safely getting to work, having time to take a break, having enough energy to finish work. Whatever high there is in your day, think about it and be thankful for it.


Much as we love celebrating our highs, we dislike our moments of lows. For me, thinking about it only fuels the hate or anger I feel whenever I remember the lows that happened in my day. Being stuck in traffic, being late, forgetting something I’m supposed to do, and not finishing all the things I need to accomplish are just some of my daily lows in life. As I recall what they are, I find myself trying to control a small smile on my lips as I learn how these lows, one way or another have helped me realize that I should be more mindful in doing things no matter how trivial they seem. To not fuss over things I cannot control aka let it go, to leave early so as not to be late even though I get stuck in traffic, to revive my To-Do list, to just prioritize the things that needed to be done and save some for the next day. Without any hint of bitterness, I find thanking God for the lows of my day very therapeutic.


Fears, hopes, dreams and all that you wish for tomorrow. Whatever intentions you have for yourself, your family or your loved ones, whisper it to the Lord to end your prayer. To pray for good health, less traffic, less drama, good weather or just a better tomorrow. As they say, tomorrow is another day. If your wishes weren’t granted today, and your dream is feels lightyears away, remember that there’s still tomorrow. It’s a new day to dream and to hope, a day closer to achieving your dream. A new day to live and to love. Whatever high you have today, carry it with you until tomorrow and whatever low you’ve had, leave it all behind. Just be thankful and lift it all up to Him.


I used to pray the rosary every night before going to bed. But the past months I tend to fall asleep after the first mystery (eeeep!), with my hand still clutching the rosary. I would always feel guilty every time, but exhaustion has its ways of letting me do this over and over again. Now on a daily basis I do the 3-minute prayer. It’s something I know I can do everyday without falling asleep in between.

Can’t believe today’s the start of my birth month. August is here! The months passed by like they were in a hurry, no? Next thing we know it’s the BER months already and then it’s Christmas! Time to make each day worth it and to create more moments worth making into memories.

Be thankful for the day that has happened and be thankful for the day that’s about to come.



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