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Back In The Cinema

The last time my family & I went to see a movie in the cinema was in February 2020 when our daughter Gabbie celebrated her 10th birthday with her classmates. Going to the cinema has been a part of our weekend family dates but with the pandemic it was one of the things we had to put on hold. ... READ the POST

P.F. Chang’s Shrimp Festival

You wouldn't miss P.F. Chang's even if you try as its iconic Warrior Horse serves as a standing guard greets you. I remember dining at their Manila branch with my kids and they fondly recall the restaurant because of the Warrior Horse. Iconic indeed right? So glad there's P.F. Chang's here in ... READ the POST

I Know I’ve Been Busy

Hi blog. It's been over a month since I last posted here. While I usually do my annual birthday blog post, I didn't this year but I managed to do a birthday post on my fave social media app. Aside from getting updated & posting on my Instagram, I've been busy offline. Busy doing what? Nothing ... READ the POST

Review: Blu Shower Filter

I never had any skin nor hair concerns that I feel the need to blame tap water for. I grew up not really concerned with it as water in the Philippines ranges from soft to hard and would really depend on the city's or province's water supplier. In my 35 years of living in Metro Manila, I wasn't keen ... READ the POST

Review: DōTERRA Oils

I'm not new to essential oils. In fact I didn't know I was already a fan long before EO made it mainstream as I was inclined towards products that have natural essential oils more than those artificial ones. While I've tried and used three brands already, DōTERRA being my fourth brand is the first ... READ the POST

Getting My Dubai Driver’s License: Lessons & Tips

So last March I did a poll on my Instagram stories about how my followers feel when they take a skill test. Out of the hundreds who answered, 18% said they're confident while 82% said they get nervous. I'm part of the 82%. You see, if the test is anything academic and requires answers that ... READ the POST


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