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While I do like getting my tan on, one thing I dislike about it is my underarms become darker than any other part of my body. I do believe I’m not the only one who suffer from a not-so-pretty underarms. Aminin! It’s one of my insecurities and ever since I started grooming my pits, I’ve always had this issue. Our underarms are sensitive and taking good care of it is something that every woman should consider.

One of the celebrities that I know who have super nice underarms is the Annekabogable herself, Anne Curtis.

Anne has been part of the Belo family ever since she was young- even while she was going throough puberty. Now that she’s a full blown superstar, she shared her secret on how she manages to maintain her sexy, smooth and soft underarms.


The secret behind her smooth, white underarms is Belo Beauty Duo. It consists of the Belo Essentials Whitening Deo and Belo Essentials Underarm Whitening Cream. It’s part of her rigid beauty regimen and these not-so-secret beauty product she shares are what makes her #wANNEderarms. 😉

And because I want to have Anne’s smooth & sexy pits, I didn’t waste time and immediately try the Belo Beauty Duo.


Belo Eseentials Underarm Whitening Cream, P349.75 and Belo Essentials Beauty Deo, P92.75 (roll-on) and P184.75 (spray)


The beauty deo now comes in a new design and is called “original”, it also comes in a new”shower fresh” scent.

Belo Beauty Deo is a 48-hour antiperspirant & deodorant.

Whitens in as fast at seven days and controls darkening even before it starts.

Effectively minimises pores and smoothens underarm skin. Prevents redness and soothes skin after waxing, shaving or plucking.

It has an anti-stain formula.

Alcohol-free that guarantees non-darkening.

Hypoallergenic and dermatologist tested.

I like that it comes in roll-on and spray- giving me option on what to use. I use the spray when I don’t have ample time & I need to wear my clothes agad, while I like using the roll-on whenever I wear a sleeveless shirt.


The Belo Essentials Underarm Whitening Cream is clinically-formulated to whiten at the cellular level (all thanks to Alpha Arbutin and Hydroxyphenoxy Propionic Acid) in as fast as 14 days.

Prevents redness (erythema) caused by habitual plucking and shaving.

Lightweight and non-sticky

Hypoallergenic and dermatologist-tested.

Works best while you sleep.

 Pea-size is all I need to cover one side of my pits. Truly it is lightweight and non-sticky, perfect for summer nights. You know how it is when we put moisturizer on our face and also on our body come night time? It’s the same thing for our underarms.

So I tried Anne’s Belo Beauty Duo secret and used Belo Deo by day and Belo Underarm Whitening Cream at night. I did this for seven days. I was at first apprehensive as to whether or not post my underarm photos here on the blog. But since I’ve noticed a bit of a difference after using Belo Underarm Deodorant & Whitening Cream, I had a change of heart. Shy as I am, still I’m excited to share with you all the result.


Here’s my before photo. Notice how prominent the lines are as well as some chicken skin action and discoloration?

AFTERphoto_JackieGo_BeloEssentials_UnderarmWhiteningCare_After seven days of continuously using the Belo Beauty Duo, my armpits look far better no? Less lines, less chicken skin. And if you can only touch my underarms, you’ll feel how softer and smoother it has become. Impressive! Even the discoloration on the lower part of my pits have lightened, if not faded.

I find myself checking out my underarms once in a while just because I cannot remember the last time it felt this soft and smooth. And in just seven days I’ve seen the difference, now I’m closer to having #wANNEderarms. 😉

The Belo Beauty Duo is available in all Watsons, SM Supermarkets, Department Stores and Lazada.com. You can also get samples via Sample Room PH.


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