Trying Tribal

A printed dress can be challenging to wear. For one, it can contort your body shape, as it may or may not work to your advantage and usually it’s the latter. Two, it’s obvious when you wear it again, especially if the print is too loud or catchy. Three, it can get too dated depending on the style.

All these reasons can make me stick to wearing plain dresses but this one particular printed piece was just the reason why I decided to try tribal.

Shift dresses have a columnar cut and have no defined waist. This makes it tricky to wear. It can either hide your flaw or expose it – commonly it’s the belly we’re talking about. For the longest time, I’ve avoided wearing shift dresses. For one, my husband always finds that particular cut (along with tent and baby doll dresses) not as flattering to me. It makes my lower abdomen more prominent and obvious.


Surprisingly this dress p


This particular pattern can be trendy yet for keeps. The tribal print makes it trendy yet the color combination of neutrals makes it a dress that you would want to keep in your closet forever! Hihihi.


Yun lang, don’t expect that your figure will exude in this dress. That’s how it is with shift dresses. It’s relaxed fit gives you plenty of room to breathe and it’s really comfortable to wear. From weekday to weekend, this dress works.


Ever notice that I don’t have much shoes in this style? It’s either stiletto or flats for me and no in between. Well, that’s until I discovered there are shoes like this that exists! Heehee. Actually, I never thought this type of shoes would fit me, my lifestyle and personality. Keri ko din pala ang very, very slight chunky heels. Plus points pa ‘coz it’s so comfy to wear. Feels like I wasn’t wearing heels at all. Winnnnuuuur!


Nakaka-hyponitize ang print pero keri lang!




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