Tamang Lusog Tip: Baby Led Weaning

Are you one of the moms who anticipate the idea of child-feeding to be challenging? Are you one of the moms who find it challenging to feed your kids? Holding the spoon for quite a while, only to find out that your child wouldn’t even open his mouth to feed. Eeeep, I was once this momma! If you are like me, here’s a tamang lusog tip: go for baby led weaning. Baby led weaning is the process of letting your child feed themselves from the start of weaning. You see, lil’ Mr. GJG loves drinking milk but for some reason gets bored easily when we feed him.


He is the type of child who eats more when he’s busy doing something else. As early as six months old, he showed great dexterity, being able to grip and hold his baby bottle, tinkering with his toys and so on. So our pedia suggested we should let him feed himself. At first, I was hesitant because I know he’ll make a great mess & that I’ll be doing all the clean up after, but then when he started attempting to eat by himself, it was a clear sign that he’s ready for baby led weaning.


Ever since we introduced him to baby led weaning, we notice how much he loves feeding himself, which in return lets him eat his food.  Start by giving your child suitably-sized pieces of boiled vegetables or soft fruits. Let him have a feel of the food’s texture and how it tastes like. This way, he gets to be familiar with what he eats, making him more eager every meal time.

Remember to consult your pediatrician about baby led weaning. In some cases, the child would just play with his food instead of eat it. While there are some incidents like this of lil’ Mr. GJG, we take it upon ourselves to let his hands get busy with his toy blocks instead so he gets to eat in between.


Don’t get frustrated when your child doesn’t get the hang of baby led weaning easily. Like most skill, it takes practice and lots of patience. When you’re bothered if he’s getting enough nutrients from the food he eats or doesn’t eat, go ahead and supplement it with vitamins your pedia has prescribed. In my family’s case, we like taking food supplements. Lil’ Mr. GJG loves taking Propan TLC and I love that it helps stimulate his appetite because of lysine, more energy with vitamin B, vitamin A for clear eyes, vitamin E for healthy skin, chlorella & taurine for mental & physical growth and vitamin C for his daily needs.

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