Off Duty


I have never owned a decent plaid shirt when I was younger. To begin with, button down polo shirts aren't my thing. I find it too rigid for my style, thinking my personality is constricted as it looks too "uniform" for me. In short, sadyang di lang talaga sya bagay. But then again, when you're young, everything plain looks boring for you right? As I got older, I grasp the fact that classic pieces are a MUST in one's closet. They aren't called classics for nothing di ba? So when I found the ... [ Read More ]

Cape Crusader


A bit of a throwback Thursday for this OOTD was the one Kelly & I used for our Bloggers United 8 poster. My fondness for black and white is still persistent as ever. I guess it's the red hair that makes me love the absence and presence of colors. No fuss, easy dressing for me! I think I've finally found my "typical" causal look. Nice fitting jeans, tank top, a chic outerwear and lovely pair of shoes to determine what certain look I'm trying to emulate. The thing about us girls is we ... [ Read More ]

Concrete Jungle


This is one of the many outfits that I absolutely don't mind wearing over and over again. It's a no-fuss stand out look that you can wear from day to night. I think I'm in love with this asymmetric shorts and I'd gladly wear it many times over even if its not the trend anymore! Now if there's another kind of skort that's out there that has a similar silhouette as this one, I'd gladly buy it! THE OUTFITEY: Green sheer long sleeves: Forever 21 Black asymmetric skirts: ... [ Read More ]

Biker Chic


Rainy season is here in Manila. Time to bring out your Dr. Martens, Plueys and leather jackets! If you're into layering then I suggest take advantage of the rainy season. Perfect excuse to wear your leathers but don't forget to lather them with a leather protector so that they'll be free from water-stains. Anyway, here's an outfit that's nice to wear on a rainy day, a casual day at the mall, on a date night or a night out with friends. Sorry for the not so crisp photos. In fairness, mahirap ... [ Read More ]



Here's an outfit I wore during the Mother's Day event we had at Greenbelt. I wanted to wear something matchy-matchy with lil' Ms. GJG but not too matchy-matchy. I still want both of us to have our own style & identity. Sadly, I don't have much photos because we were so consumed with all that's happening that day and I didn't even bring a camera. Thankful that I was with Fleur and she gamely took my photos, yun lang her camera's battery got drained so there's only 2 photos and no detail ... [ Read More ]