Singapore Part 5.


This is the last installment for our Singapore trip. Remember I told you all that we encountered a few setbacks during our trip? Well the final setback happened during our last day in Singapore. First off, our flight was delayed due to the fog that clouded over Manila which lead to zero visibility, I think it's because of the fireworks since it was the first day of the year. But what's worse is that we missed our flight. Our one o'clock in the afternoon flight turned out to be a one o'clock in ... [ Read More ]

Singapore Part 4

Playing at Paragon Mall's play area.

This post is about some of the random things we did over our vacation. Like I said didn't have much time and energy to take lots of pictures, nonetheless I hope you enjoy! First store stop: H& M! Despite H&M being open for a few months, there were still a lot of people. Given that they're on sale, I wasn't able to buy a lot (than I predicted I would hoard). A huge Christmas Tree, I forgot which mall we saw this ... [ Read More ]

I Spy A Sty In My Eye.

The sty that cost me S$700.

I am one of those people who incessantly scratch, poke, rub their eyes. It may be a form of habit or simply because of allergic rhinitis. I'm also not really the vain type of girl, I'm not really conscious and meticulous when it comes to making an extra effort in taking care of myself. So eye scratching and rubbing are just some of the things I unconsciously do. Luckily, I'm never prone to eye redness, sty and infections so there's more reason to scratch and rub away. But all that changed after ... [ Read More ]

Singapore Part 3


This Singapore post is all about food. Sharing with you all some of the places we've tried over our trip which includes a restaurant in Chinatown, the food court of ION Orchard mall and our New Year's Eve dinner at Clark Quay. Warning: This is a photo heavy post, enjoy!  First stop, Chinatown. The restaurant is located right in the middle of the strip of Chinatown. You wouldn't miss it because of the number of people who  dine there, plus the lingering aroma of the food will surely ... [ Read More ]

Singapore Part 1.

G with Tita Kim.

Sharing with you our Singapore trip over the holidays. I know I've been holding off this post mainly because I had to sort through the pictures during the trip which made me realize I have a few good photos *sad face* Warning: This is a photo-heavy post and I like it! Remember I told you all about our trip having setbacks? Well setback number one was having no parking slot available in NAIA 3, so we tried Park & Fly which was quite far from NAIA 3 but it was also full. So my husband J ... [ Read More ]