Today’s Outfitey: Chiffon Top 02

Here's another sheer look on my love affair with anything chiffon although this key piece is made from silk, nonetheless I've still categorized it under chiffon as to prove how I love sheer clothes ;) As much as I love green (being my favorite color) I noticed how few greens I have in my closet :( I just love this one much because I bought for a cheap price under 500 Php (on ebay-it's the place for one-of-a-kind anything!) and yet it's in its excellent condition! Pardon my love affair with my ... [ Read More ]

Today’s Outfitey: Cropped Top

So with summer beaming its hotness to us here in the Philippines, layering would be your last option. But I think layering can be your best bet for summer. Today's key piece: Cropped top. I admit I'm not a fan of this piece of clothing since I feel fat whenever I wear anything loose. It's a tendency because if you have an average bust size and a big cup size, you're chest tends to say hello most of the time, so wearing anything like a tent dress or a loose top can make it unflattering even if ... [ Read More ]

Today’s Outfitey: Chiffon Top 01

So since it's summer and the heat is scorching, wearing light textured clothes can make it a lot easier to survive (sobrang serious?!) So here's another "casual" look that I share to you. Take note, as I've said before if you're looking for those "fashionista outfits" that totally deserves an A for effort, well I'm NOT one of them. I show my outfiteys JUST BECAUSE I want to. I am not a fashionista wannabe either, just an expression of one's self people! :p Moving on, here's another breezy ... [ Read More ]

Today’s Outfitey: Chiffon Dress 01

As I've mentioned before, if there's a material I'm obsessed with it's silk & chiffon. There's something about how simple & elegant these two fabrics represent.Aside from living in a tropical country, I've noticed my love affair for silk & chiffon even before I knew what they are. Sabi ko pa when shopping for fabric: "...gusto ko yun tela na manipis yun parang see-through na yun itsura." saleslady: "Ah chiffon po yun, meron din ganung gawa na silk." Aaaaah yun naman pala! So for ... [ Read More ]

Today’s Outfitey: Black Fitted Blazer

I'm not really a regular working mom but I do have a few office and smart casual outfitey need for my kind of work ;) Blazers nowadays aren't just for office wear and it's no excuse if you don't have one. So for this post, I'd like to share with you how you can spice up a casual looking outfitey with this key piece. E yun lahat ng pictures ko lagi akong nakatingin sa baba?! haha sorry. I think the candid look is much better than the other poses. heehee. photo courtesy of yayey! ayan na ... [ Read More ]